Thursday, November 1, 2007

The beckoning moment

Friends : after all the certain thing in life which you choose.
Love : you dont choose it just happens.
I would say there ain't any requirement specification for love, it does not come with a guarantee card, Its just a spark waitin to ignite your life. Makes you think bright. Changes you and everything associated to you. Peope say when you are in love, you become mad. Same thing happened to me, memories of which i still cherish.My simple understanding is; If god had not created love he would have left his masterpiece called life boring and full of SH**.

I knew her for more than 4 years, 4 years went off in a zoom. We were friend the moment we met, some sort of chemistry kept us bonded...i really dunno when i started liking her. There were a numerous thing in her which i didn't like but still i wanted to be with her. We were so together as friends in college that i could not think of my life after college and after her. i made fun of her for every single thing ,we laugh at the most silly things. A day came when she had to depart, as a good friend i went to see her off. I felt like she wanted to say something, but may be the crowd around us stopped her. Train started to move with waving hands and filled eyes she said "I'll call you". If i were maniratnam i would have put the most melodious song to highlight the scene. I remember everything about that moment date,time, the dress she wore even the most minute detail. Went back home dejected and hugged my grandma. Patting on my back she said "Mone, you can meet your friends any time you want to, they cant just disappear". She brought back my smile, i said to myself "What the heck? its just 5 hours, i can meet her up any time".

That night i could not sleep, tried every posture drank up every bottle of water in the fridge. Time is 1130 pm now i cant call her, maybe she is online. I logged into yahoo, rediff, u name it. Naah!!!no sign of her. Started to type in a mail but could not finish it. In short i am frustrated as hell, first time in my whole life i am feeling so odd. As if the world is looking up to me, for me to decide. I couldn't believe am in "L.O.V.E". You cant force it, it just happens. There are certain moments which you can't define, which you want to revisit every other day. This moment tops the list. Its the very moment you understand you are in love. Man, i was so happy. I wanted a big microphone and announce. I did not bother anything else and now these things doesn't matter to me. But, What next???


Vidya said...

love eh..
its happens wen u least expect it

i used to mock at people in luv n den one day when it happened to me..

its great feelin...
i could go on n on..
i can tell u one thing if u are in luv with some one pls say it...
dont regret it ever..

Unknown said...

If I would not have known that you were in love, before I read this, lemme tell you , I would have been the most surprised person on the earth.

Your narration has given an additional beauty to Love and Lovers.....

Keep going dear...

Anonymous said...

Its too good... I used to never believe in love till happened to me... :) its a different feeling altogether... ur blog expressed it very well...!!

- Myth..!!

spy said...

what is her name? ;)

Love to hear what you think!
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