Thursday, February 14, 2008

Anothe insipid Valenties Day Passed away..

For each one of us,February 14th - the Valentines Day, brings up a lot of thoughts and new creative ideas to woo your loved ones. But gone few years have been a sordid to say the least. Busy at work or an unknown halo of maturity surrounds you claiming valentines day to be kids stuff. The last few Valentines have been really i spent hours on phone, with my boss. Then back to my soulmate-my computer. And of course a candle lit dinner, errr with no candles all alone at 1130 pm. ( lights were off, or else it may wake up my roomies). But still i decided to reminisce some good old memories and review some hard learned truth. I need that herculian push to do it..thats when my good friend and colleague yogesh urged me to put a post.
First year of your college..first valentines day..they say "if you impress them in first year its gonna last long". I wore my Red Pan-America shirt and lent my brothers Yamaha RX-100 and went to college. Managed to get a few ugly stares from my seniors, and a few blushes from my classmates. Like that every year i plan it big..proposed a few girls just to get into groove.(nothing serious, eh!!) But the idea was to have a blast, those love songs ringing in your ear from college mens hostel. Listening to false succes stories of my neighbourhood romeos. Everyone had a huge expectation of me to deliver, to deliver that big thud, but always ended up in a mess. So there we are my experiences with this day has not been fruitful yet to say the least.

But on another note i would say true love is facing a big scarce these days. Love has become more materialistic than being the feeling of love.
"Love is something sweet ,
not that makes you sweat."
I am not the correct person to write a poem of love or write a daasthan-e-ishq.(A tale of true love). Its a beautiful thing and you got to enjoy it to the fullest. But love has become an epitome of sarcasm. Everyone is in love for something, something that they want to possess. Think of adam and eve sent to the world all alone...they loved each other for the care they needed.They could not have imagined life being without each other. You are in true love, when consider you and your loved one all alone in the world. Will you be happy with her? If your answer is yes, please send me your self autographed picture, because you are rare, you are one in a billion.During my college days and a few years after that, I remember few guys going to meet their beloved ones with a red rose and a big gift.In return she delivers that cracking cover-drive..oops i mean that big smile with dimple on her cheeks.. The guy exclaims "I'm worth that smile.." is he worth it or is it the gift thats worth it is the big question?? I have a friend who believes this V' day is nothing but a bizzarre marketing technique..which has launched it self big in india. He says channels celebrate it in big way, they earn more money and celebrities spend more air time. For that fact, I know of kids who know Valentines Day and not Children's Day. But for all that i say what the heck!!! Its just simple celeberation of are always in love, aren't you???Some are in love for money, some for fame? So how different are you?
There are bigger issues in the world, rather than the validity and belief of Valentines Day. I always enjoy valentines day, coz am a firm believer of love. Love can untie all doubts, it can bring anyone together. You love your mom,dad, uncle, aunt,neighbour, neighbours wife(ehem!!) anyone... So enjoy when you can. You love somebody tell them today, why to wait. May be she is waiting too....