Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fire and Hire, does it achieve the intended?

America, yes!! The land of opportunities. These are the words that ring in your ears, before you come here. Lot of elements here can seduce a common luxury-liking homosapien. Probably the work culture is quite unique here, a very flat working style. What i mean is 0% heirarchial, you can date your lead, drink with your boss everything reflects the american way of living. Extremely disciplined and no-nonsense type of workers. Can't say hardworking, coz its justhalf the time an average indian puts. May be 1/10th of an indian software engineer puts in. Here enjoying work is an important criterion in all jobs. Having said these, today i witnessed the cruel side of american employment. A simple word LayOff, conspired in a mail from your boss. Basically means, we dont need you any more and dont worry we are paying you next two months salary. Forget the money, As a person i could think of the affected family here, not that they are in sheer poverty or some. But the very mindset of a father speaking to his kids about getting fired. Mortgages to be paid, Car loans, kids education, what not to add in the list??

Being a capitalist's driven economy, each and every action this country takes is caused by a sesimic tremor by a hideous capitalist for multiplying gains. From election candidature to iraq war, you can find a big capitalist intervention. So firing and hiring is a part of their pro-longed plans. And many americans that includes a few managers believe, i should say blindly believe thats the way it should be. Downsizing reduces the people to be paid and hence that profit is utilised in restructuring or to cover up the loss. What does it do to the common working class, a virtual back stab. " Yes we are americans, we are ready to face anything" are good to hear in a presidential speech. But are they really daring??? Only time will tell.

America as such never had to face any big tremor as far as economy is considered, w.r.t other countries. So they fed their employees well, they made them rich and fat (fat being a metaphor here). Through out the 20th century american employees earned the big bucks, and that attracted quite a few immigrants too. The work culture is still like the olden days, no reforms as such in thought process. Here they prefer to stick on to old cliche's. So one might think, what the heck they are still going good? But not for long dear, in next few decade there is going to be a shift in center of gravity as far as economy is concerned. American's might need to recuperate themselves for the big show ahead. The markets are getting extremely competitive and lively.

But here still downsizing is the mantra, no body wants to pull a rabbit out of hat. The employees are losing faith and interest in the companies. They term stone-heartedness and cold blooded as professionalism. God Bless America!!

My remote fear is in a country like india, which is very stringent towards any reforms, but readily accepting the american culture. This could be the worst thing we could do. May be that will make communists interested in starting unions in corporate worlds, and that by word will be the end of BOOM in India.


Sandhya M said...

It may not be official yet, but it is becoming increasingly obvious - American economy has started slipping into a recession. This downturn has only started. The customer spending, after years of resillience has finally cracked. The labour market will definitely worsen in the face of weaker consumer spending...
So, yeah..things might continue to look glum for a little while longer...

Anonymous said...

Portrays the present job scenario.Add on more examples to depict the clear picture.

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