Thursday, March 27, 2008

My experiences of a Live Concert..

Live Concert.....they always thrilled me. Talented artists performing live in front of you. And a big-big surrounding groove about it. One day at office, Sreeram(kaidhi) called me up and said "LP is coming to town, wanna join?"(LP stands for linkin park). I have listened to a few songs from LP but not an ardent fan. My buddy tsb though adores their songs, and thats how i listen to them. Immediately i replied "Yes, for sure". So me, vikki, tsb and kaidhi went for the concert in NationWide Arena , Columbus. We did not know what to expect. For all of us its a first hand experience in US.

When we entered the arena, Vikki was busy shooting pictures..had he got a chance he would have shooted the whole night. Tsb as usual was lookin at the girls around and there weird attire. kaidhi the ultimate psychopath was awestruck by the number of insane people around. And me, I was counting the number of speakers..dumb huh?? The arena was big and the lights, setting, cameras and Stage everything simply phenomenal. The people around were different, either they were dressed for the function or they basically wanted to stand out of the crowd. Whisky was the smell in the air. Lot of people were hollering aloud to grab attention.

So what the heck is with Rock music?Rock music has a lot of energy about it, many listen to pop music coz its more soothng and less injurious to health. But rock music, it really does rock you up. The popularity of rock music i have noticed is more with the younger bloods. They are the ones who need a pep in their life. I started listening to english music through mybrother rathan's collection abba, eagles, bryan adams, bonjovi, deff leppard, police to name a few. But the ultimate rocker i have seen is my class mate Jim Joseph. Rock music is like a medicine to his soul...he cant live witout it. And he inflicted the disease to me, gireesh and a few others in our friends circle.

Linkin Park is not an out and out Rock band. Its mixed with funky electronic instruments. But their songs are catchy and always try to convey a message. Back to the concert, The head banging part was the peak and catch of the show. The whole crowd banging their head in sync. It was an amazing scene and above the world feeling. We indians are well aware of our movie hero's with heroins and 100 weirdly dressed dancers dancing in sync around them, this is even more crazier than that. They sang all their hit numbers and fun was when they brought the crowd in play. I wished my guitarist brother ajit was present here, he would have thoroughly enjoyed it even more than me.

That night after the show i felt we all were in seventh heaven. For no particular reason we were happy but tired after one helluva head banging. One of the things i would never forget in my life is this concert. as i write this i pray one day i would attend a "Metallica" live concert. Man, that will be an ultimate kick ass concert to miss.


Raghu said...

rock rock rocking your life coool !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you would find yourself a girl if you would pay more attention to them instead of counting the speakers :-P

Shabbu said...

Thanks for the tip Matt, will do that next time around.. :-)

whoami said...

Hi Sab...nice to see you blog...keep rocking...

Dreamy eyes.. said...

okie ..enjoy more of rock :)

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