Thursday, March 6, 2008

Racial Prejudice

Racism is a hot topic these days. Election Campaigns to office room discussions to movies, sports racism has spread its wings every nook and corner. We indians are more concerned about the racist taunts harbhajan went through the series down under. So are australians racists? Majority answers, Yes. My friends in Britain consider "Racist slur" as a part of their routine. So are the english racists? Yes again. I remember a champions league soccer match in Spain where spectators threw a banana at Thierry Henry and imitated monkey noises. Bingo!! Spanish too are racists. Americans, bah you need not ask. Every single time a person of asian descent walks through an american airport, the probablity of him being security checked is very high. If you think 911 is the reason for that, bah then you ought to be checked( may be by a psychologist). America has bullied the entire world and in turn owns its share of enemies. Threat can be from vietnam,japan,egypt,kuwait. Coming back to indians, forget us racially attacking. We ourselves are divided into 300 different race, caste, religion and helluva lot of stuff you dont wanna bother. We are more busy racially abusing each other, we do not buy time for others. Political parties here are made on the basis of religion and race. How many times you have heard the comment " Saala Madraasi" & "Jaat" ringing in your ears. Racism has been in this world for sometime now.

So whom are we categorising as Non-Racists? Well,Do you think a judge who rules in favour of a racially attacked victim is non-racial and clean? Dont you think a political party that provides free allowances to a part of community is a racist? Questions my friend, Questions galore that could tear you apart. If we surmise this leads us no where, the plot unwinds where no body is a saint. We can put forward a million exaples happening at several parts of the world, which can bring the whole world under a racist cloud. No body is a dumbledore here, in this voldemort ruled mad world. Every one of us is a racist once in their life. The irony comes when we point fingers at others.

Now that the tough part of self approval is done, what next? Should we continue to be at home watching oprah clean the community? Should we accept the basic fact, and weed our mind with racism? Should we punish a racist? My answer is a big No, then what is the difference. Self Education is the right medicine. But giving a clear message to the next generation is essential. We can teach them by not setting ourselves as a wrong model to follow. Running a marathon for anti-racism will help? Sure it will. Playing Soccer together? that will do too. All your actions come from your heart, so lets learn to keep our heart and mind clean. You sympathise a person on his creed and colour, you yourself are the biggest threat to anti-racism. You wanna remove racism, consider them as equal. They are nothing different than you are, give them a smile, a warm hug. Thats all it matters to bring two hearts nearer. May god bless All!!!


Unknown said...

Let me the one to comment upon this part first!! I always say..WELL said..keep up your good work..!!
May be this article will help atleast the people who read,not to allow the bacteria of racism that is inside them to thrive!!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Absolutely! Every single country has their racism issues. I’m not sure the U.S is the most racist though. I mean we are a melting pot of cultures and allow all races to try to come in and co-exist with what races we already have so conflicts between ethnic groups should be, well expected. Oh! I also think you’re absolutely right with the whole self-education thing. We need not fear anyone if we empower ourselves with knowledge and an open mind. Thank you for putting this article out there! I hope people will begin to think the way we do by eliminating boundaries set by past generation and bad experiences.

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