Monday, April 28, 2008

When Cricket met Entertainment!!!

IPL stands for Indian Premier League (A distant cousin of the English Premier League), if this aint funny enough. There are 8 teams participating for a mere $1.2 million. All with funny names, before i get into the thick of action - A word is to be mentioned about Indian Cricket League headed by ever rebellous Kapil Paaji and backed by Zee television. Its understood that the idea of conducting such a tournament was Zee tv's brainchild but may be they were not aware of the term "copyrights".

Anyways the team names in IPLare very funny these are a few observations i made, we have 2 kings the "Chennai Super Kings" and "Punjab Kings XI". The ICL was won by "Chennai Super Stars" a small abberration seems to be Stars changed to Kings, though they maintain "Super" as their prolonged adjective. maybe a Rajini factor bole tho apun ka SuperStar. The presence of dhoni makes them feel like kings. Kolkata KnightRiders owned by Shahrukh KKKK..khan. He cant let go the "K" factor in his life whether its Kolkata, Knightrider or Karan. Too superstitious one must say. I heard karan is taking a new movie with King Khan called "Kamse Kam Kaam Karo", all K's = simply attrocious. Punjab Kings owned by preity zinta, buy a ticket for punjab match you can see zinta jumping & hugging all over the stadium.

Deccan Chargers from a hyderabad outfit epitomes a charging bull raging with fury but led by a silent mode captain VVS, weird eh? Rajasthan Royals coached and captained by Warney are the clear underdogs and are the only team playing with lot of fun and enthusiasm. Warney as ever is phenomenal, but with a phone sex scandal and doping charges he aint royal enough if you ask me. Mumbai Indians is a formidable name but a lacklustred outfit. Sachin being the only bright spot in the team. Delhi Daredevils have roped in AkshayKumar coz he is the only daredevil you can think of in india, oops also arjun singh too (oh yeah he is a devil not a dardevil). Delhi owns the best of regional players in their teams and are one of the top contenders for the cup. Bangalore Royal Challengers, what was it? Royal Challengers better known as RC, you sure its a cricket team or a bottle of "you-know-what".

Now its our turn, these days the fanciest game is not create your own teams like we do in super selector, but to bring out the whackiest names. Rules are simple, name of your native place add it with a crazy. Here are a few names me and my friends have collected.
1.Nagercoil Nigga's
2.Palakkad Mentals
3.Madurai Machans
4.Udumalpettai Oldies
5.Jharkhand Junglees
6.Cochin Crazies
7.Polaris Punters
8.Immigrant Desis
9.Chennai Chutneys
If you have a few crazy names with you please send it to us. Use the comments line below to send. We are in a collecting spree. Go Naming!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aren't you satisfied yet?

Average age of an "indian engineer" (specially annotated because this is one special kind) leaving home searching for job and prosperity is around 21. At this age he leaves everything that is near and dear to him for a timid bask in glory. He breaks his comfort zone as if it were some thorny shackles and trots past them gleefully. Some call it money, some career and some cruelly term it as freedom. I was no different, the luxuries of a big city seduced me but somewhere inside me the big hugs and infinite care was stopping me. At one point i decided to take up some job in my home town. But how long? that is the biggest question.

If you are from a middle class indian family there is no way you can escape this "basket of opportunities" as they call it. Middle class families often find their life in a balance in india. For them luxuries are just in movies, these people are highly motivated and are keen to make some quick money and bring their familes to the next level. The corporate jungle are in a hiring spree these days and are ready to pay even if you dont work. If we take a sample data, we can find 80% of employees in these corporate giants are from a middle class environment. Young bloods often get seduced to the huge amount of money, a chance to visit new places in different corners of the world (which they see only in telugu movie songs). The indian army and other government firms are finding it difficult to withstand this competition. There was a time when every indian dreamt of being an IAS (Indian Administrative Services) or IPS (Indian Police Services) officer. But scenarios have changed, students are finding this as an easy exit strategy to keep theselves, family and society around extremely happy.

The mind sets need to change, we should not allow cream of our country to work for the enhancement of other countries like US and UK. There is always an arguement, are we not doing good for ourselves?? But do we define growth by the foreign exchange rates, or by the fall and rise of stock markets? No, its decided by the a measure called "happiness". It prevails in a society where everyone is self sufficient and the government works as a system for the people. Young india should set their foot on politics, agriculture, small scale industries and be a part of the countries development at grass root level. The amount of money you send back home and the tax you pay should be only a part of the patriotism we speak loudly, thats not it. Inflation is a big cause of concern, cause people like us have only money but nothing to buy. The day is not far when India exports human resources but imports Agri-food products. That would be a shame where a big percentage of fertile land is not used. I hope at some point of our proliferation of cyber coolies some turn bak and walk towards satisfaction of countries dearth in good citizens.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Soul Searching in my own way..

After reading my blogs many of my dear friends have termed me "psycho", "mental" etc etc... Some like my blogs but hate the seriousness looming around it. The best was my buddy raghu asked "What happened to you?? Are you alright?"...Never in my wildest imaginations i expected this question from him, it sounded very funny at that mooment though. "Shabbu" they know is a street joker with a sarcastic tone. He can enact anybody but can never put on a serious robe. The funny thing is as many of you know is that am not as serious as i sound in my blogs. One of my friend she calls me a 'kiddo' coz of this bubbly person i am. I always hated to be serious, for anything in life. I preferred the fun part of life always liberated and carefree, "No Strings Attached". But am sure with time a lot of changes are happening around as well as in me.

Solitude is one thing you dont want to bring in your life, this makes you think about your actions...what i term as "Soul-Searching". Life here is nothing different, though i have a lot of interesting colleagues and friends the solitude part is annexed to it. I am enjoying this period in my life. A slow transiton where every once in a while i think about my self a lot. Sometimes in a very critical manner. Did i hurt somebody by my words/actions today?? Am i too lazy in maintaining relationships? Was that the correct way to talk to somebody?A hundreds of questions like this bombarding in my empty head. This is an essence of yoga where a yogi transcends himself to a different world, here materialistic pleasures are disregarded at the atomic level. Me?? Am no different, forget the yogi postures. My mind plays these funny games too. In some sorts i have started liking this loneliness as it is giving me a better outlook towards life day-in-day-out. Now when these untraceable pulses of imaginations are imprinted on a blog it looks crazy.

So does that mean, i need to curb the emptiness and loneliness by looking out for a life partner, or for that matter a soul partner? Well really, i dont know. If there is a hiatus in the world , one sure must be between your heart and mind. Heart asks and mind cant answer. A state of derailment, when everything within you is bizarre. I am damn sure, everyone asks these sort of questions to their mind. But how many are able to find the answers?? God only knows.