Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aren't you satisfied yet?

Average age of an "indian engineer" (specially annotated because this is one special kind) leaving home searching for job and prosperity is around 21. At this age he leaves everything that is near and dear to him for a timid bask in glory. He breaks his comfort zone as if it were some thorny shackles and trots past them gleefully. Some call it money, some career and some cruelly term it as freedom. I was no different, the luxuries of a big city seduced me but somewhere inside me the big hugs and infinite care was stopping me. At one point i decided to take up some job in my home town. But how long? that is the biggest question.

If you are from a middle class indian family there is no way you can escape this "basket of opportunities" as they call it. Middle class families often find their life in a balance in india. For them luxuries are just in movies, these people are highly motivated and are keen to make some quick money and bring their familes to the next level. The corporate jungle are in a hiring spree these days and are ready to pay even if you dont work. If we take a sample data, we can find 80% of employees in these corporate giants are from a middle class environment. Young bloods often get seduced to the huge amount of money, a chance to visit new places in different corners of the world (which they see only in telugu movie songs). The indian army and other government firms are finding it difficult to withstand this competition. There was a time when every indian dreamt of being an IAS (Indian Administrative Services) or IPS (Indian Police Services) officer. But scenarios have changed, students are finding this as an easy exit strategy to keep theselves, family and society around extremely happy.

The mind sets need to change, we should not allow cream of our country to work for the enhancement of other countries like US and UK. There is always an arguement, are we not doing good for ourselves?? But do we define growth by the foreign exchange rates, or by the fall and rise of stock markets? No, its decided by the a measure called "happiness". It prevails in a society where everyone is self sufficient and the government works as a system for the people. Young india should set their foot on politics, agriculture, small scale industries and be a part of the countries development at grass root level. The amount of money you send back home and the tax you pay should be only a part of the patriotism we speak loudly, thats not it. Inflation is a big cause of concern, cause people like us have only money but nothing to buy. The day is not far when India exports human resources but imports Agri-food products. That would be a shame where a big percentage of fertile land is not used. I hope at some point of our proliferation of cyber coolies some turn bak and walk towards satisfaction of countries dearth in good citizens.

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Raghu said...

hell you are right about that, well you could start by coming back home and doing something :-).....
just kidding .. dont even come back here stay there .. i will do the needful here

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