Saturday, June 7, 2008

Love burns Your Heart, but Alcohol extinguishes it

From the days of devdas its been a general understanding that the best way to forget your broken memoirs of love is a little help from a small quantity of alcohol. Now its spring in here, after a dead cold winter people rejoice this part of year. The rains, wind and a bask in sun are the bright spots of this otherwise sleepy life. So most weekends there are bound to be lot of parties either for birthdays, farewells, gettogethers you name it. And in all parties some are permanent invitees - Mr.JackDaniels, Mr.BudWeiser and one Ms.Bacardi. (bacardi being a miss coz of her sexy shape). Leaving the jokes and endless stories one common thing i noticed is everybody has a love story to tell. Are we indians such a big group of lovesick people?, no wonder our population statistics are astronomical. As always am doubly interested in listening to love stories, and when the orator is drunk he turns into a thespian. Wow!! i adore those moments, in real life he will be a project lead with tons of responsibilities. But this moment his heart is torn and open to everybody. A certain friend of mine here ( again no names) explains the idiosyncracies of love as if he has seen it all. He cries, he whimpers he does it all that would make even Dr.Sivaji Ganesan proud.

And this all reminds me of college day, where drunk romeos go to ladies hostel and start calling names in malayalam otherwise known as theripattu. There have been many such incidents, but the funniest of them was when a miser friend(no names please) of mine sponsored whisky to everybody just to call names on a particular lady. Love sick or not no body knows, ehem!! after 4 years they both are now engaged...certain things in life can never be predicted i say!!! Then there are friends of mine who get drunk and start helping others love lifes, explaining them the brave heartedness to express or to distress.... they know it all(again no names).

Whats with C2H5OH that gives us born losers at love a big threshold god only knows... Sometimes in a group i see one guy gets tipsy and starts his love story (true or untrue) there are 1000 ears to his story..its funnier than cartoon network at that moment. Then its like as contagious as yawning, every one starts their bits and pieces of love stories...i may sound sarcastic but i really enjoyed most of it.

Back to columbus, these days every one is in look out for weekend activities, some kinda gettogether, battle of wits, lots of jokes, cricket discussions, women discussions, movie talks....whatever it may be our dear friend alcohol nests in the core of all these discussions. Now dont get wrong that we are drunkards, we drink but we drink sensibly.


Anonymous said...

do you remember your aerodynamic experiments with vava....on your brand new 'passion'?

Shabbu said...

Yeah cant forget, almost barged into a miloma booth that night!! Again when vava came to chennai, i picked him up at the railway station, it was quite windy and driving was a bit tough. Suddenly vava sitting behind yelled "Shabbu apply AeroDynamics.."Drunk driving at 80KM\HR, when you bend down to apply aerodynamics..i closed my eyes. Rest every one knows....

Raghu said...

well, i guess i know one of that drunk friends upto close dear, and well i see him daily..... hehehehe,

Unknown said...

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