Sunday, June 1, 2008

A warm and different politician..

My grandfather is a very respectable person in our locality. Though he is no more, our family is still known to many through his names. His involvement with Indian National Congress too is a big factor in his fame. I remmber during summer vacations we come to meet him in his room i could see pictures of Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Chacha Nehru's black and white photographs framed and hanging in the walls. He used to tell me and my cousin unni the freedom fight stories and how congress party as such built the back bone of democratic india. After his passing away, we missed all those stories. Things moved on many corrupt politicians tarnished te image of congress party. The more and more i read about it, i felt that the congress party lost its purpose. It was just a huge cauldron full of filthy politicians waiting to loot the country and sell it. And this was a general feeling amongst the public. Years later many political parties took this as their selling point and worked as independent political parties. Governments moved from one coalition to another, we even had a prime minister who could not speak hindi (supposedly our national language).

Now is what i feel the era of change, voters dont go for big names or charisma spilled by a celebrity. They are in look out for youth and excuberance. All the recent elections indicate us that, its not that voters are in look for a change, the simply want young blood with purpose injected into our democratic machinery. Ok, this doesn't means any ram , rahim and peter will contest and win elections. The election manifestos had to be well sort out and rigid with lot of study involved.

This brings us to the main person leading the revolutionary, Rahul gandhi. Yes it rings a bell doesn't it? He has no big victories or an encouraging support, but he is hitting the sweet spots. Me personally did not give any hope in him when he was introduced into the arena. I felt he was always pushed more than he launching himself. Maybe his last name was making his shoulders bend coz of the huge expectations wound around it. Gandhi clan always were the usp of the congress party, but with some out of the box thinking rahul is entering those areas which is giving many sleepless nights to hundreds of politicians including our own behenji. He was always criticized by opponents for not coming to the grass root level and mingle with the common man. But boy did he do that in last few months. He is starting a new revolution and giving hopes to a millions of helpless people out there.

So how does it matters us?? His Raison d'être is to curb the middle men and bringing voice to aam aadmi. I have hundreds of friends saying to me "My country need me only to pay taxes and cheer for indian team". Rahul works for the former part of the sentence, by opening up contact centres across the nation. This is a new facet in india, by involving more people he is slightly winning their confidence. For all the people in my countrywho wish for a change, brace yourself and look out for rahulji( as he is known inside party).

This blog by means has no inclinations or opposition to any party. Its just a whole hearted compliment to a young man, who is willing to break the shackles which many of us are not.

Jai Hind!!


alcatraz said...

Yes,I do accept Rahul gandhi is young,energetic and ofcourse charming like you.I do hear the Bells ringing for the new Gandhi family member,to occupy the highest posistion of congress.Ofcourse everyone do hear but Is that ring sounds different from earlier ones,when a member of gandhi family supress all other congress man working for all these years to maintain ,may not be as good as before but a respectable image of congress?I suppose no..So do,I didn't see any revolution coming from him..

In 1999,he looked as if entering into politics wen he joined the political rallies with his mother but it was just a visit.Later,In 2004 he jumped into politics followed by a win in amethi consituentcy ,moving his feet up the ladder for the congress leadership.Can anyone say he won because of his hard work for the people of that constituentcy?Its the brand power of Gandhi.So,what is he upto next?..was the ques in evryone's mind.The questions were answered with all the controversial speeches he made in public,not once but thrice.Never mind,although this part of the stage was not played cautiously.Everyone awaits the revolution but god forfidden,it dies before it rises.

At present,he is not swimming in a pool but in a sea ,full of dangerous creatures and precious pearls on the sea floor.Will he able to make it to the sea bed or be a part of the plot,to keep the pearls still hidden under.

Anonymous said...


indeed... our nation is badly in need of some one like Rahul! let's kick the dead wood out of the system and let yound blood flowing in!


Anonymous said...

Sincerely i think ONE cant make a drastic difference even if its Rahul Ghandi or xyz... Whole system has to change which does not depend upon one person. If he can change its well and good....

Nilby Jose

Anonymous said...

Another traitor from the Congress Family,
Another leader from the Gandhi clan,
God save us from these creatures.


Anonymous said...

I dont think he will make any difference because he is playing the same card - Cast card. Once people come out of it then India will reach new heights. Also unless otherwise we reach atleast 90% literacy(I am not meaning writing names as literacy) and also not getting attracted to communism( I mean the present one) we are not going to see any change

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