Monday, October 13, 2008

Connected via Web

Sitting in a comfy couch at an apartment in columbus infront of my laptop. My eyes eagerly monitoring all the messenger windows.Vendor aint matter here, i had all the versions 'Active' gtalk,skype and yahoo. As discussed earlier i was waiting for my friends and family to come onlineand spend one helluva time cracking jokes and teasing each other. With webcam my mom feels the presence of me at home, everytime she starts with one line - "you look weak, are you ok?".My dad on other hand is really excited and the same time feeling sleepy coz of the odd hour. Shyama, my sister she shows off her typing skills also she is the co-ordinator for all these chats.But am not alone in this flux of virtual gettogethers. A big % of software engineers here in US, my roomies, my friends, their friends altogether its one big big group. Everybody is logged in on a saturday morning or evening probably adorned with a headset.Recently i saw the movie 'Border' and the song 'Sandese aathe this sounded so meaningful to me.Think of a hiatus without letters and phone calls and what-not? There will be no point in all this.
Now the worrying part is when your favourite cousins getting married one after the other, you want to go and attend this marriage alone and be back.But then starts the 'logical engine of brain' calculating the leaves, task of fighting for leaves, expenses and the list goes on and on.And at an age when your friends start getting married you dont wanna miss the marriage either for them or for the big band of friends you might miss.So we end up missing that too. This cycle starts and starts eating up your mind on "am i doing the right thing?".But in a dooming economy and the impending personal agendas in life we are bound for sacrifices. The consoling part will be that 'soon i'll be back inthick of things'. Until then life is like a rolling stone......

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pasame Amigo............


Anybody who knows me must be aware how big a football fan i am.Every ounce of clairvoyance in me for the game of football, thats me in short.I dream about football matches, consistently trying to analyse this game.Getting involved in an adrenaline pumped discussions on football with all and sundry is one of my favourite timepass.Most of my dear friends in my college days were a large group of football maniacs or ultra modern hooligans.After coming to US i am playing a lot of football(or soccer as they call it here), atleast in the summers. After college days, work had taken up most of the time in my schedules but still did not allow game to take a back seat. In chennai the weekend beach football and thiruvanmayur cricket matches are some of my cherished moments.Playing soccer in beach has its own advantages coz its purely skill and stamina game and cool breeze over the indian ocean keeps you refreshed.But here in US am playing every week, once in a while with my colleagues.League matches every wednesday with a group resembling world conference.And not to forget playing with a group of mexican guys(i still dont know their names) in my neighbourhood.

In our college, football was always a hot topic. Playing or watching this beautiful game is considered divine by a few of us.One of my bright spots in my college life is playing for my college football team. The number '13' on my back at center of defence made me feel i am the local version of 'alessandro nesta'. Football discussion were always hot and lively, the number of hours that i spent discussing football in andimadam room with gireesh, sudeep and ashok is somewhere close to infinity.The MIB(Men in Blue) team formed by us which reached semifinals of the hostel football tournament is still lingering in my thoughts.

In one of my beautiful memories i remember Jim Joseph handling a bunch of freshers and nomads in electrical department to the finals of inter-branch football competition. If i would have to vote for brilliance outside pitch, it will go to him. And the best orator to Anish aka HOD.The MIB captained by Binu John was also one among the best days in my college life.The team meeting in his room and those inspirational speech or punch dialogues he delivers.I remember binu and pradeep climbing on top of me when i scored against 'Sakhavu Viay's team'. Jayju and Kanjan running all around causing any team to unsettle and cant forget vava's outside foot corners. I spoke to Binu's father on his First death anniversary. Uncle asked me 'Are you binu's classmate?'.'No uncle we play football together. We are friends' that was my reply. For many that sounds like the most absurd thing to say but it felt great to say that.

The most inspirational person from college football would be jineesh, though junior to us he had lot of potential and believed in the passing and movement game.Hell!! i improved a lot playing with him and i learnt a lot from his humilty and kiddish smile. Also cant forget the 'big' lecture he and jamal gave me when i almost hit Kiran for his tackle on me from behind.Football is an absolute team game with everybody pulling the strings behind the scenes, but there are a few folks who had the charisma to stand apart.Arun aka Madan had this in him in huge amounts. As a person he is pretty much silent and into himself but with a ball in his legs he is volatile and vivacious.And great part is he can play in any positions and keeps nagging the opposition all around. I love my buddy goalkeeper dinesh whose eyes gets wet every time we win a match, though he says its coz of the dust.

In football language is not at all a barrier. Why to restrict it with language, it doesnt look for cast creed or religion. In the pitch nothing else matters, its the most democratic game.No wonder its a hit even in the impoverished countries. I would say if you play together for a while an eye contact will get you going.It was like this for Kora, he is from arunachal pradesh and even his hindi sucked big time.But was one of the best footballers around had a sound left foot and probably the best stamina around. But could get along with every one in the team, also improving your game too.Same was with personal differences as well, me and a bunch of my friends were avid opponents of communistic ideologies. Honey used to play in defense with me and was a fanatic SFI(communists students wing)supporter. Outside the ground we were fierce rivals whether its election time or not. But inside the ground we were to believe each other and play together as a team. I have enjoyed every tackle and headers with him playing along me.

This aint a testimony by diego maradona or johan cruyff but by me. I aint no legend but football is such a big part in my life.I prefer watching football to kill my sombre mood. Like many amongst us i attach my personal life with the ups and downs of the club or country i support. I remember liverpool winning champions league in 2005 and somehow i associated that with a personal victory of mine. Me being placed in TCS and getting a move on and all, after a torrid year with unemployment,jaundice, breakup etc. Still to keep my spirits up football is the best medicine for me,as i write this today evening again i am off to play with my homies from the hood. And hear them yell out 'pasame amigo' (pass me the ball my friend)!!!