Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Country needs us..wakeup and take guard

Shocked...was i? nope
Am i frightened?? hell no...
My mind is now saturated with a feeling of pitiness or should i say a sorry state of mind. I am aghast to know that how easy it is to attack my country, i am upset on the current cult of youth calling themselves mujahuddin's or warriors of the mighty allah..
i religion or god would agree this heinous deeds.
i dont wanna join the calling them religious fundamentalists..these are core terrorsists and terrorism is never a religious or social act...they use religion to brain wash those corrupted youth.

So,Where are we heading towards??
Given the history of our country and the current high profile vulnerbailities the first thing we must avoid is pointing fingers at our government. No government in the world welcomes terrorist to dance on their chests, neither do they wish to point fingers on other countries its we who faltered to foresee these mis-deeds.
Our intelligence and 'porous' coastal lines need to be strengthened..more budgetary allowances on national security and many more steps to which we have been turning our faces.

As a country we must begin a process of social awakening sending sms and lighting candles all are good for the media space but do they really matter??? A handful of youngsters may be of my age in their mid twenties marauding streets in my country - this is not i want my country to be known for in other corners of earth. We have seen this in movies, heard of it happening in Africa but never in my home soil..naah could not imagine a brutal attack at country's financial capital.

You know what given a chance i would love to kill them, kill these terrorists.. yes shoot them at point blank face to many of us here would have already imagined. But will it resolve..the ongoing crisis?? Hell No!!!
One 'Coward' of Terrorism spills bloods of hundreds of innocent people and
he gets what he expects 'DEATH'. Institution backing him would have provided a better environment for his family and may be promised 10 virgins in gods abode.
The social awakening part comes here , i mean a revolution of a sort,
My muslim brothers and sisters there is never a feeling of minority amongst us if you do not have one. Everyone loves their religion but killing peace and tranquility of our nation must not be the way to achieve glory for your religion.
There is an element of backing from some angles..from some where...some hideous resources are backing them. Much like the 93 Bombay Blasts..some high profile backing up...Its a prevalent sense of revenge that might be running the whole episode of attacks in various parts of our country...but aren't WE(me and you, ram and rahim) done yet? why do we need to pour more vitriol in fire and let others benefit from it? Because in the end we are the losers..i lose a brother so do you..Its a Lose-Lose scenario but our grudges are not willing..
These elements in our country need to be outcast first.

My intuition is on the various probes by CBI,ATS and police force on the bomb blast probes. Dont you think this looks like and eyewash to protect the meaner souls by sending out a few grenades and AK-47. Every 3 weeks one part or the other of MY country is blasted. Government should still keep the probe going on, and please hasten it. Its pitiful to see accused of 93 blasts getting punished in 2008 and some set free for no proper evidences.

Youth of my nation need to arise in this regard, its time to screw them back.

I plead you not to read this just as any other blog and erase it from your memory.
I suggest we make this an open forum to discuss matters...bring out more ideas...excercise your grey areas.

Me and my friend Ben discussed this matter in a high octane discussion with no ego, no blind patriotism, no general talk but a serious discussion on something good for our country.

Some points i adapt from our discussions are :

Beefen up our security in our country, we have no dearth of human resources. More trained force and avoid dependency on an ultra thin polic force with no siege training. A vast and spread up national guard system for better co-ordination of police force. Moreover a secure nation itself is the best asset for us to attract investors across the globe.

Engage Uniform Civil Code - no religion, no caste, no tribe, no region supercedes the citizen.Every true indian must be ready to accept this as it paves way for a uniform india in coming generations. Atleast no speak of minority or relegated thoughts.

Ban the use of term 'minority' in media for muslims. In a country with 13.6 crore muslims no body should dare to call them a 'minority'. They are a part of this country as well as everyone. Something like the ban of 'nigger' or 'blacks' in public.

Issuing state identification cards for every citizen. Make it mandatory and maintain a track record of each and every government and non-government transactions.
For eg: To buy a sim card you provide a state id, but do we do the same to book a ticket in train or hotel or plane. I know my friends who for fun book train tickets as 'Gonzalves' sounds funny but serious implication comes when a terrorist has the same capability. For this to happen voters id needs to be issued to every single citizen, quite a magnanimous step but inturn provides a more coherent system.

Yes we need more ideas and thoughts from intelligent people like you...
Our country needs you..
I hope we can usher a much awaited change...


Anonymous said...

This is the time to unite our country against any alien force


Sandhya M said...

My muslim brothers and sisters there is never a feeling of minority amongst us if you do not have one.

Who exactly is the "us" here? you?your family and friends? the whole hindu community? it's absolutely fair if you say that you don't have any kind of discrimination based on religion. but, i don't understand what the "us" here means.

we just cannot wish away the discrimination that exists just by stating that there is none. why are the perpetrators of the godhra massacre not yet brought to justice?

my worst fear is that all these attacks would bring the right wing religious extremists back to power. that would only worsen things.

Ben K Judson said...

it is said that they are dieing to see those 72 virgins in heaven waiting for them. Someone mentioned they are 22 Nuns carrying shotguns to beat the hell out of these freaking terrorists.

Anonymous said...

India's coastline 4651miles.
Area 1.2 sq miles

India spend 5B US Dollars in creating roads, schools and hospitals in Afghanistan. Spend US$ 27 billion in Defense expenses.

about 1000 strategically placed NSG Outposts can cover every geographical portion of india within 20 minutes.

HAL Druv: USD 8 million
Personal needed about 20,000.
including current personal and infrastructure strength India can modernise police forces for less than 5 Billion US Dollars. considering manufacturing cost of Druv will come down to almost 5million if there is huge order of this magnitude. One of those suggestions for modernising indian terror watch and response easily.

Anonymous said...

We are indebted to lot of people. From darring Mumbai police to Valiant NSG
From bold ATS to dedicated Marine commandos..
From brave Firemen to devoted Hotel staff of Taj & Oberai..
From Doctors to am ami who donated blood for the injured.
Ofcourse kudos to the relentless media, who risked their lives to cover the siuation round the clock.. Hats off!
Tears came when i read about an incident told by an husband whose father-in-law hugged his daughter to protect her from bullets fired from militants.In the process father saved his daughter but he died.
Are we reacting too much?
yes..But very late
But better late than never..
What we need is to understand that terrorism is evil. It should not be tolerated.
Why are we still waiting to hang the attackers of our parliament?
Religion, caste, race or creed should not be considered to deal with terrorism.
Terrorism should be nibbed in the bud.
Strengthen the laws.
Improve our border and coastal security forces.
Improve the quality of the protective bullet proof jackets for the security forces.
Issue National identity card equivalent to SSN.
Deploy CCTVs in all the public places..
Closely monitor and collobarate with intelligence agencies of various countries.

In the name of Allah, Jesus or Ram many are manipulating the youths to kill the innocent...

Any amount of protection, proactiveness will only make us safer. But the true peace will only come when people all over the world stop listening to all these religious folks and start listening to their conscience.
Where are you trying to find God?He is right within you.
Why are you killing others when you don't have the right to kill yourself?


- Shijor said...

All these attacks are by India's enemies (by those countries who realized that we are going to be on the top soon). It is against the country, not against any religion...Yes, it is time to wake up. Educate those OLD genii who are using religion for their benefits.There is only one religion that is 'Love' , spread that. Educate the young minds not to fall in this religious trap...
And I am wondering, as someone said here that this 'us' trap has an impact on you as well... :) All the best Shabbu and we are with you for all the good cause. Keep blogging. God bless you.

alex said...

Shabbu, I disagree with your views. Still we can debate, discuss and co exist peacefully. That is India to me.

Now on to disagreements.

I dont feel pity about the situation. 'Enraged' is an emotion that I share with you.

We enjoy immense personal freedom in India, which we take for granted. So called security lapse is a side effect of this benefit. It won't be advisable to do a trade-off modelled on the US Patriot Act.

What happened is an act of terrorism. There is nothing called Islamic terrorism. The attackers have just political and economic interests. They try to mask themselves under the 'term' Islam and we help them by equating to the 'religion' Islam.

There are religious fanatics among Christians, Muslims, and Hindus. They are the 'fanatic minority' in India. The question is how the nation will deal with the very organized fanatic minorities. How can we move forward accommodating all, and negating ill effects to the minimum?

Candle lighting, sms and such soft steps should be encouraged, if it helps to organize the 'sensible majority'. If you are organized, you can change policies and outlook.

Any discussion about banning 'minority talk' on media will in turn popularise the propaganda of the extremists.

Uniform Civil Code is a tricky issue. I'm not the right person to comment on that.

I repeat my argument on security. An Orwellian state is very much against the principles of our nation.

I appreciate the call for an awakening of the youth. If it happens, it would be a game changer. The movement should be sustainable. It should have sensible, iconic leaders. We should be ready to spend time on grass roots, ground operations. Commitment to the cause would be a key issue.

Are we ready to think above our differences for the greater good, even after the Mumbai attacks have been press history? How many of us have ever voted? Do we have the courage to come out of our remote mental model?

There are questions to be answered. But at least we are asking questions. That's a start.

Shabbu said...

Sandhya@ The 'US' begins with you and me...and people around US. I told you..we are not to point fingers here..its about sharing and changing what exists. Godhra, Ayodhya, Maradu, 93 many more examples do you want?? but aren't we done digging old skeletons ands demeaning ourselves?? Think what needs to be done..
Chidam@ Absolutely correct sir...the process of any religious sanctity is to find the god with in us and kill the devil with in..but simple things are always complicated to exploit human kind.
Shijor@ Education is a big need especially amongst the here means..a modern approcah of education understanding the current dilemmas we face.
Alex@ Social Freedom..everybody carves for it..but after this 'n' number of attacks..aren't we ready to sacrifice a bit of it for our own good? Yes its painstaking in America to stand in a big queue at any public place with all checkings etc..but u know what it gives a piece of mind for parents sitting at home that their kid will not be bombed or shooted down. I hope u understood the context of candle lighting and sms..i aint no hard core communists to show a numb attitude to anything plosh..the context here means..i see a lot of discussion with in news channels from the days of flight hijacking..and added on to that sms and candles..martyrs need to be respected but that should not be a full must be the beginning.

Anonymous said...

"Uniform Civil Code" - The moment we say this word our brain points to an area where there are lot of muslim family standing. That is what is projected by our politicians and media. If british were good at "Divide and Rule" our politicians are far better. But the truth being its discriminative in all sorts and it brings favouritism. We are a secular country but does our religion come first or our nationality?? Going forward it should be INDIA...thats the way to proceed. My citizenship should support me not my religious base. And dont get me wrong, i am a christian and i can say i am from the minority(shabbu i'll try this will be last time using this wretched word)and i strongly believe in "uniform civil code"

Anonymous said...

Well i think that there shall be no end to this killing of people by the terorists. this isgoing to happen again and lets be prepared for the worst.
i hear that the intelligence or RAW has no powers to carryout operations like what the CIA or mossad does. they should be given the powers to kill thoses responsible and report directly to the PM.

Kumaran said...

Our intelligence and 'porous' coastal lines need to be strengthened..more budgetary allowances on national security and many more steps to which we have been turning our faces.

I agree with that.. Most of our Tax shud go towards defense and used EFFECTIVELY... NSG, Military , ATS and whatever security groups are there should be well equipped.. atleast to match with terrorists..

And yes, Hight time for a Single ID Card for everyone which each have to carry ALWAYS.

Ben K Judson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ben K Judson said...

India has one set of criminal and civil laws. But personal law is different which is in the name of minority protection. These laws are the laws pertaining to marriage, divorce, and maintenance which is more to do with women's rights than human rights. I know a discussion about Uniform civil code is not the topic of this blog. I have to admit, we were wayward in the discussion I had with Sabarish during our looooong drive. so it is quiet natural we could've lead the discussion to something of this sort. Now. Lemme come to the Personal law which we are trying to make it uniform. How can polygamy be legal when we did ban Sathi, untouchability and all existing practices. If an existing evil practice is justified by a religion, does it make genuine?.. how can the same people agree with the laws if they are living in United States or europe?.. Don't you know mormon church was powerful enough to put political pressure on US lawmakers to approve polygamy?.. So Uniform civil code has to be above religion and politics. No Religion should hold the state for ransom. Secularism is not freedom of religion but also separation of religion and state. Anyway this is much bigger discussion which we cannot do unless our politicians stop licking All religious @sses and those bishops, rabbis, guru's been send to political exile.

Anonymous said...

What an 'irony' life is all about in our country. Now our politicians are competing with each other for media space with 'MARTYR FEES', if u die in action i pay 1 crore..ohh u r injured..just 10 lakhs. Oh by the way you are the general manager of Taj and you lost your entire family with you as lone survivor..hmm lemme think 'nada' nothing for you..and if you have a kin alive somewhere petroleum ministry is ready to allott you a petrol pump. Instead had they shown 1% pro-activeness in building the security systems and information. What if 100 dies..the home minister resigned..what more do you want??...waah re waah wonderful. one resignation equals those 58 hour ordeal with insipidness. Lot of orkut messages and sms flowing around to vote for the right people to power, its not abt the right people, its about the people with right mindset and right thoughtfullness.

Jai Hind

Shabbu said...

Anonymous said...

Things to be done :
They are quite a few, i mean a lot. First it starts from the awareness among the public.
Security is not a government issue, its my issue and so is yours too.
Now hundreds of reporters come up with news that this fisherman saw the boat, that shop keeper saw the fruit truck.
You must remember mumbai is under attack every year still 'aam jantha' is careless or ignorant.
Beefen up the security is a key word every media and opposition party accuse, but thats common sense after
an attack. My sick braincells can generate an idea like that.
But how? u mean more police without bulletproof jackets or gun, more luxury cars,
more laathi's, more martyrs for our country. No..,,,absolutely no.
Each and every one of us must be ready to acknowledge the impending red alert, a number you can dial in,
an sms, a mail. Everything should be available for information to flow.
Now that our government system fails us..we must take this issue in our own hands.
Do you think the two youngsters who took AK-47 from there satchels were not afraid at all until they
started firing?? What if some policemen had asked him to open the bag well before?
What if the aam jantha like us had seen and informed a security person near by??
Security is all about our brain to keep our eyes open and not the number
of securities in the yard.

I hope my comment is of any use.

Roopa said...

Shabbu, All said was fine but I find the usage of a term like "Soldier of Terrorism" very, very objectionable. It sounds like these mindless people are being patronized. All they are, are a bunch of cowards who dont have the guts to fight a real war. If they are soo desparate, let them come n fight our soldiers from the front. I bet they would think twice before they do that, coz they know that they can never ever win a fair war.

Shabbu said...

right was a general term with an eye on their sophistication..and not on their bravery or patriotism..will change it right away..thanks

Unknown said...

Hi Sabarish expected this from a charged person like you... and great responses to the blog too... one thing this incident has brought to light is the unity among all Indians. Atleast the common man…if not our politicians!!!
But what are you and me and others like us going to do to change this state...light a few candles... write blogs, comments...feel media reports…is THAT ENOUGH???
"You know what given a chance i would love to kill them, kill these terrorists.. yes shoot them at point blank face to many of us here would have already imagined. But will it resolve..the ongoing crisis?? Hell No!!!” What do you mean by this??? I agree all of us are angry but this is not the way to resolve crisis…It will become a never ending cycle…Please please remove any such kind of thoughts…I agree terrorists have to be eliminated but not as you say or feel…terrorism is not a way to kill terrorism…This is what those youngsters are being taught5… & here you are also saying the same stuff… do u realize wat u are saying? When there is a combat shoot them, just like our brave commandos did…u want show ur anger join the army… how many of our talented youngsters would like to serve the country? How many of us would dare to choose to marry btwn a high earning IT professional and an army officer???
The solution to this kind of problem is not just religion…for God sake all of you think beyond that… it’s our population… India is a huge country and if you want to control such incidents every individual must take responsibility…its not just the governments failure as the media is projecting it’s a failure of u & me & crores of ppl like us…Indians…
The solution to this, according to me is that every youngster from all walks of life should whether he/she likes or not must serve in the Indian forces for atleast a year. It should be made compulsory… corruption at any level should be controlled…let’s unite not just by lighting candles and carrying out rallys but by our minds and our thoughts. Let’s not let any infiltration occur…LETS UNITE not just by words but by deeds!
What can I do I am just a common woman looking after my child & my family is wat I am thinking right now but I believe that one day I will come out of my cocoon to do something for our country… & I urge all those who read this to also try to come out of just reading & writing & their busy schedules & start sharing the responsibility of making this world a safer space to live in…its not just about our country!

Anonymous said...

Not to sound like a wet blanket...but friends it hasnt been even 20 days and all the heat seems to have died down...Is this the resilinece that we Indians always bounce back with???that we come back to normalcy and function better than before as soon as possible...have we forgotten what has happened to all those in Mumbai and all the insults that Pakistanis have showered on us saying tha we are just accusing them without proof?

The PM has apologised to the country twice, we have taken out all what we could out of Kasab and Rice's words have forced Pakistan to catch the Let leader and to place him in "house arrest"..hopefully it is an arrest.

But have we forgotten to continue our reaction and to render our protests...I was thinking of this idea from the time I saw shabbu's blog...why dont each of sent a bunch of flowers to Pakistani President and PM and tell them in munnabhai style "Get well soon dude...dont test our patience..we tolerate, but dont force us to react"
The only risk to this noone should put up a bomb with the flowers and get us into trouble for nothing.Let me know what you guys think about this.Let us not always get angry for some days and forget that soon.Let us react friends but in a way to make them ashamed of what they thay they realize that the resilient India has youth that has guts to put the bloody aliens in the place.

Shabbu said...

rock on !! Sinu..sounds like a good plan to me... "gandhigiri at its best"

alex said...

Reshmi said...

Why??...Is there ever going to be any answer?

Such madness.. what drives these people to do all this? What goes on in their head? I can never understand..It surely cant be religion.. when you are firing indiscriminately at hundreds of people, the bullet is not going to differentiate on the basis of religion..
We Indians are cautious about attending public events or being part of any large crowd in our own motherland, as these are the favorite targets of suicide bombers in their quest to exhibit violence. If we do not set limits on who can enter, control our borders, and start enforcing our current immigration laws, our country is going to start experiencing the same problems it is facing today.

If each one of us, the concerned citizen stand against terrorism, we will have more watchful eyes and more strong hands to seize the anti-social elements. I wish the revolutionary awakening begins right now.

Love to hear what you think!
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