Monday, November 3, 2008

Seat Number ' 7B '

"Continental Flight number CA7640, NewJersey to Columbus passengers are requested to board their flight from gate C54".Ohh atlast the time for the flight to arrive on a snowy day, have been stuck in the airport for last few hours. My laptop out of charge so could not play FIFA anymore, so sat there and dozed off in the airport lounge. Walked to the gate C54 as they had announced. There was already a big crowd and a long queue. Monitored the queue thoroughly as i was looking for a hot chick preferably brunette amongst them. If in india i would have checked the reservation chart stuck outside the train compartment to see if any girls with the age 19 to 26 near my seat. May be i have a record of not travelling a single time with a pretty woman.I always end up with old woman, snoring bullies, crying babies, prankster kids etc etc.

Ahha!! there she is, a tall brunette with a tattoo on her arms. She is deeply involved in her ipod music and forget me she is not bothered abt all those stares at her.I must admit she is a 'hot chick' looked like catherina zweta jones ( a little exaggeration is of no harm). As i stood there with mouth wide open the queue grew longer and longer, suddenly regaining senses i went there and stood far behind her in the queue. As i approached the gate the stewardess said 'Seat number 7A sire'. May be its the climate or just was my lucky day even she looked adorable and cute. Giving a wink i replied 'Gracias' as she looked puerto-rican to me. She gave me this 100 million$ smile 'Have a safe trip Senor' came the reply. As i entered the flight and as if i cant find '7A' which is right in front of my eyes i was infact searching for the brunette. Ohh not again..i just missed her she was in '8A'. And the fat old man sitting next to her had the sparkle of 'Colin Farell as The Alexander King' in his eyes. I felt a bit dejected but its been a habit now so i parked my luggage and retired to my seat half-heartedly. Passengers kept coming in, i wonder where they are going to?? The flight was not so big..atleast not a Boeing 787 for a small 2 hour journey.

'7B' is still empty, i dont know which moth**f***er is gonna take this seat. Why do i care? Its time for a small nap try to forget the 'hot brunette'. May be atleast in sleep i will get a good seat or why a seat? May be she will not get a seat and she travels on my lap. God!! thats too much to ask. With a smirk on my face i adjusted my body to get a good sleep. There was a pillow on my seat, when did this all come in short flights for a damn cheap rate i wondered. Again 'what the hell, why do i care its cheap and its free just go on with your sleep'. I took my mp3 player out of the bag plugged it in my ear and clicked 'Shuffle All'.Lathaji started singing 'Mera jeewan Kora Kaagaz'..please no not this one. Clicked 'Next', 'Zindagi jab bhi teri..' another sad song. Man!! my mp3 player started playing for my mood or what?. Screw it even am not gonna give up, Selected Music->AR Rehman->'Play all'. what next?? you wont believe it was 'Ae ajnabi thu bhi kahin'.Are yaar..!!please dont make me feel even worse. Swithched off my mp3 player and tried getting some good sleep. Could hear passengers getting in (where the hell are they all going? looks like an UN conference happening inside the plane).I could hear the brunette giggling on my back, the old pig might be raking a few scores there. I wished his wife called him now and reminded him his age.

So trying to erase the brunette out of my memory and to get a good sleep. My eyes close put tightly, some thing different happened. A sweet aroma encapsulated me, my olfactory sense were in mayhem. I could not resist the smell and my anxiousness to find the source system.It felt like the smell of a fresh 'sharbath' on a hot summer with lemonade essence on top. Reluctantly i opened my eyes i could see her coming.
She was dressed to kill nimble hearts like mine. And as always she carried her 'close up' smile in a superior way.I wished there was a tsunami behind her and she will fall right on me. I would say "Bhagwaan jab bhi detha hei, Chappar Phaad ke Detha hei". Anyway she was dressed in jeans and a blue top. The stitching of her clothes fit her as a 'T' and she had a big bag on her shoulders. Big enought to pack the old man from back seat.She also had a ticket in her hand and she was looking for a seat. In my mind a 'mantra' echoed 7B,7B,7B, infinite for{} loop of '7B'.
She stopped at the 5th row and talked to the stranger over there..Yes yet another old man who looked like 'Sean Connery' was sitting there. God have all these old men formed a 'League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen' against me the 'paavam'. I could not bare this, i closed my eyes said to my self "aaj mere paas ghaadi hein, paisa hein, property hein, bank balance hein..magar thoda sa bhi luck nahin hein'.Out of nowhere i hear this sweet voice of 'Excuse Me'. I opened my eyes to see 'Asin' standing next my seat.For the ignorant souls out there, Asin is a tamil actress with quite a good movies and roles in her resume. But main point she is a malayalee like me.
i could not believe it was she standing there, but hiding my anxiety i replied back in the best baritone my soundbox could provide.'Yes, can i help you?'. She said "my seat is '7B'....."aww atlast its monsoon in my orchard as well. I felt a long beep in my head whatever she said afterwards didnt matter to me. Even if she said 'I am wired with a time bomb across my belt'. Regaining my senses i tried to focus on what she is speaking..(ohh her lips are awesome by the way). " i think its your luggage can you please help me adjusting my bag near there.Pleaseee..". "Ohh sure why not?" I replied. Opened the overhead deck and shuffled all other luggages here and there to make space for a Honda CRV to park. Yeah her bag was that big..I wonder how they allowed it to carry inside the flight. Maybe she gave that killer smile to the flight attendant.

After the herculean task of arranging the luggage we both sat next to each other. I was pinching myself to believe its all true.Her phone rang then for the first time, but she is not picking it up. Jaane Kyun?? Anyway i was preparing here for a long conversation with none other than 'Asin' herself. Clearing my throat and a wicked American Desi accent i queried "You travelling to Columbus?". She turned at me sending her hair astray in all angles possible..throwing me off the hook."No, infact to Chicago. My flight to chicago got cancelled this flight will take me to cleveland. From there i have a connection flight to Chicago." was her prompt reply."Ohh Chicago nice..windy city it is..must be real cold these days. Its Barack Obama's state Illnois you know." i started giving her my wikipedia answers to her. Some people never change, u have a beautiful lass sitting next to you and you tell her the traffic and climate of chicago??. From first look i knew it was asin ( as u all know) but did not want to bring her heroine image here and my inferiority complex to multiply. I started again with a cheesy campus pick up line "You know what, you look very familiar? Are you from Palakkad?" again for the ignorant soles palakkad is my 'home town' a prosperous land in kerala. With a smile she replied " Ohh Ok, not from palakkad. But am too from Kerala. Cochin to be infact." Hmmmm she is intelligent more than i guessed. She hides the fact that she is into movies and maybe i have seen her there." know even you look pretty familiar. You look like my cousin brother." 'Cousin Brother??' i said in my not brother please. Of those forgetful incidents in college days the worst one is when a girl i have crush on says 'You are like my brother' nothing can be worse than this for a man to digest. With a smile i said "Ohh ok thats nice!" Her phone was still ringing but she has no idea to pick that up in near future..'Girls!! you know they make you go around their ankles a million times to atleast get a whiff' i murmurred in my mind.

From no where a cute girl appeared right next to us. In the most cute voice i ever heard in my life she said "Asin Chechi, oru autograph tharuo??".Asin replied "Yeah sure baby!! Entha molude peru?". "Anjaly" the girl replied. Asin duly autographed and gave a kiss on each of anjaly's rose cheeks. I wish i could cry there, i should have asked for the autograph in first place after carrying her 1 quintal bag.And for sizz the kiss was mine written all over. Anjaly's mom and dad came just then. Oh my god is she gonna kiss them too?? Man i felt like jumping out of the plane.I heard anjaly's mom saying "We all are a big fan of yours, your acting in Ghajini was superb." Now this dialogue took me to heights of redundancy, the same ghisa-peeta dialogue.Of all the other flops every one recognizes the one single role to get a quick autograph.I kept on staring at the family who all were discussing movies, kerala, ghajini and god-knows-what with asin, looting my special time with her.Anjaly's mom now upped the tempo a bit high, looking at me "Is he your boyfriend?" she asked asin. With a volatile giggle asin looked at me and said "No chechi, he is a friend". My Armageddon moment, atlast 'friend' from 'cousin brother' status. I was happy, it was as if i won an oscar.

After they went i polished my acting skills, with an ignorant face i asked her
"You into movies? thats why you are so familiar.." Asin said "Yeah, I have acted very less into malayalam movies. More into tamil and telugu. Thats why you must not have seen my movies" I knew everything about her movies to her first movies to her car she owns and what not? But acting as an ignorant/innocent mallu, i said "Yeah may be!! And i prefer watching more hollywood movies. You know like Robert De Niro's, AlPacino's, Spielbergs, Martin Scorcese etc". ( yes no doubt i was bragging).
Still her phone was ringing and she does not want to pick it up. Its better if she does not pick it up, i didnt want another hindrance between us. I must tell you she was quite down to earth and seemed nice, as she was deeply involved in our conversation. I felt a radiance of magnetic flux pulling towards her, i did not want the flight journey to end.Just then i overheard pilot announcing flight is about to land. I wanted to get her email id, phone number or something to remember this 'date with asin' and obviously boast to my friends. But i decided to go for the jackpot. I asked "Can i get your Autograph please?". She giggled and replied "Ohh sure why not Shabbu". I knew kiss on my 'cheeks' was around the corner. But then as i searched for pen lying near me, a noise deafened me. It was a deep shrilling noise something unpleasant to say the least. It was my mobile alarm had been ringing for quite sometime now. Asin was lying next to me smiling on my laptop wallpaper. Aww my gawd!!sleeping in the comfy bed at home with a pillow by my side this was one helluva DREAM. I guess too many 'heinekens' the night before had its own side effects Ehh??.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shabbu
Too cute yaar..very lovely one. I have send this link to all my friends. Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Some people can write and speak in the similar manner. You sure can do that dude. lol..


Anonymous said...

this is so full of bromides...

Anonymous said...

super da shabbu....u keep day you may get around the corner...but don't ask what...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Cant call it a short story its so fucking loooong...
By the by why asin? You could have picked your favourite kaaavya maadhavan :)


Bujjee said...


Its really interesting story & little dragging .why Asin?

Sriram K said...

As you are an exceptional flirt, I really thought this incident happened.. until i read the last couple of sentences..

Your way of pretending and showing-as-if-you-dont-know-anything when its a girl.. is quite evident from this post :D

I wont agree with what killerjibes and Sri said.. I never realised that its a lengthy post until i saw their comments.. It kept on making me guess.. what happened next? what happened next?.. until the end..

Read this too..

Anonymous said...

Good one buddy!

Unknown said...

hey....ehem ehem!!
its lucky that u r not home now...or else one strong kick would be my first gift after reading this...
man ..u made me sit on the edges of my seat..not me alone...acha n amma too..
be ready sweetheart,they are gonna ask loads of Qs the next time you call... was a superb one...
so don' wry ...u can try a hand in writing scripts for movies too

u can meet asin in real then not reel

Anonymous said...

da's strange that none from our group haven't seen this yet...or is that you filtered some comments? ;-)

anyway, the story is good, but i'm damn sure that she wouldn't be sooo nice to you, even in a dream!!! da dirty flirt, ninte aa valicha chiri kanumbol thanne she would've given you a tight slap :-)

Sinu Padmanabhan said...

dai..very funny.. manankatta!
btw asin was my junior from school ..inni kanumbol chodicha mathi " do u knw sinu from naval public school".

the blog is gud...why havent written abt devutty's bday and our trip to downtown NY.BTW, the tunnel we got into ws holland tunnel and in fact we did touch jersy back ..ha ha!It was gud to enjoy with u guys after a very long time.Thanks buddy for being there

Shabbu said...

Sinu@Always my pleasure da. Yeah i have put that blog and add if i have missed anything ;)
Sri@Asin coz its a dream..cant explain.
KillerJibes@ i left kaavya madhavan from my dream its asin until she gets married.
Sriram@good that you liked it.. GMTA
Gireesh@ 'An exceptional flirt should be ready to face any hardships' Rule No:1 in my book, tight slap is just a part of it buddy.
Shyama@ yep!! i had tough time explaining acha-amma.
And thanks kula,nisha,pramod and mullai you guys encourage me. Thanks for the support.

Kishore On th Blog said...

Hey macha,..Nice one da..Initially felt like it was real man,..with all the minute details...was laughing at the end..Good One man...there was a comfort feeling reading the blog.

Anonymous said...

That was really hilarious..
At the beginning I thot u are joking but as ur story progressed I actually bought it that Asin was travelling with u..
It was really cool to read all that :)
Hope ur dream coems true soemday!

Shabbu said...

Thanks Kishore and Beryl

Reshmi said...

Hahaha... That was real fun to join you in Continental Flight number CA7640..

Unknown said...

too tooo much.. I realllly felt its

true.... That was awesome.... excellently awesome..

Anonymous said...

avanum avante oru asin..

bharath said...

adagappa sami...ethu ulagamaga reeel da......

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