Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beginning of an Era??

What a few weeks we had?
The highlight being the awesome response by the citizens of our country on mumbai issue and terrorism as such.It helped India Inc to stand up to it and unite us.
Politicians are atleast sounding reasonable and are awakened by the people response.

Sheila Dixit's victory in Delhi is a testament to the growing intellect among voters, which must be worrying the politicians. Of all the terror attacks and back stabbing politics (modi's speech in front of tajmahal which was still under attack) people voted sheila dixit on her mission to fill up the basic nessecities among voters in delhi, which still is 'roti,kapda aur makaan'. Whether the NDA,UPA,3rd Front let anybody come terrorism cant be stopped by a simple change in government.

But when his disciples are in astray god appears and spend some time to pacify the broken heart... these are not my line. But few verses from
BhagwadGita or the underlying fact about 'Avataars'. Such was the arrival of Diego Maradona in calcutta. He could not have timed it better and graced the occasion with such applomb. And Sachin's century and match winning innings in chennai, it soothed those millions of hearts. To add that he dedicated this victory to all those brave people in mumbai. Some people grow up and reach those unassailable heights but the ones who stand apart in everyones heart are the ones who are gracious to share it with others. Also a big thanks to Kevin Pietersen and the English team for letting world know India is still a safe place. It takes a bold step to come during this turmoil and even more bravery to bring your troops. KP reminds me of 'Maximus' in gladiator. A picture of resolute bravado..hats off to you sir.

Read another article on proposing Ratan Tata for presidency, remember he is stepping down from his position as CEO by next year. Me personally think he would make a good choice, and when was the last time we saw an enteprenuer a president of our country. I know they can get into rajyasabha (ask anil ambani how easy it is?) but people like Ratan tata, Narayanamurthy who face the roadblocks for growth in our country are the best to remove those roadblocks. Those thoughts are foregone when u think businessmen will use power for their growth. What are we seeing right now??, politicians come in as servants of citizen gradually turn into business men and final stage is the blood sucking mongrels we see daily. Come on india we need a change!! Talking about ratan tata, here is another factfile for you in case you missed it: after the relocation of Nano Plant from singur, the attack on tajmahal (insurance for it is covered by tata-aig) and to add salt in injury
the global economic meltdown he is the 'heaviest hit' enterpreneur of the year.

Then there was an insulting incident when a reporter threw a pair of shoes on American President George Bush.As a reporter it sounded gross but as an iraqi we can't more agree to him. My boss said "the guy had a good arm, 5 inches to the right he would have nailed him!!" After 15-20 years may be it will be asked in 'Kaun Banega CrorePati" "Name the only president in the world who was thrown a pair of shoes?"Coming days you can see reporters attending press meet without shoes :)