Saturday, January 10, 2009

Role Models..

Anyone gone through interviews and its preparations might know the set of questions we study. Similarly i used to browse through the various interview questions and would ask myself what would be my answer to it. Such a question was "who is your role model in life?". This would have been a simple question to others, but i was and am a person with no base. You will find me doing anything and everything so basically i had no clue whom was i really 'iconizing' in my life.

Abdul Kalam our president then was a personality i liked a lot and still do. But those were a generic effect by media and the books i read about him. He is a good personality and a great indian but was never my role model. I wanted a better answer. Such was my conquest to find this teeny weeny worm in my head. Sachin, Maradona, Agassi, Stallone, Vajpayee, Mahatma Gandhi, Che, Spielberg i evaluated one by one. Though i can brag and brash to the interviewers and project it as one superb packaged never would be really true to my heart.

I remember my friends take on this were different as well. For example Jim Joseph felt a different way, "we useless people have no role models. we hardly emulate anybody in life. if anyone asks me who is your role model? i'll reply sorry i dont have anyone" this was his take. For a minute i thought may be he is true, but then naah never. There are people i emulate and fancy as peoples, as good souls. Binu John for instance thought his role model was zinedine zidane, as he is a true ambassador of hardwork and talent to reach the top. Hmm valid point eh? Ramakrishnan said he had no clear idea either, he would say some name his mind clings on during the interview.

I started thinking whom is that i try to compare and keep as a benchmark, this helped me finding the answer. Infact i was lucky to find two, one was ranjietta my cousin and other was none other than my father. Ranjietta was my hero since childhood days, for his intelligence and confidence. His take on life's matters were pretty simple and he liked it that way. Maybe he was my influence to read a lot on politics, he though was a strong proponent of communistic ideologies. But best part was his humbleness to life, he was happy with whatever god provided him and he took everything along the strides. I was on cloud nine when he gave his cycle to me when i was in 9th standard. i would say even my career changed after speaking to him on his dinner table in his noida apartment. Such big was his image in my life.

Speaking on Acha, to be very frank we never spoke face to face till i grew old enough. I was so afraid of him..typical military dad. He would order more and speak less those days. Me and Shyama used to be scared when he is at home. But to all that there was a very jovial and funny person inside, he can change the whole mood immediately with one joke. I like the way he loves his family, he was a wonderful son and is still an even great brother to his sisters. He is no the perfect soul on earth but for us he was our kick-ass dad. One thing i have taken from his philosophy is never be submissive to anybody, always have your own take on matters. Still there are hardly anything in my life thats not proportional to his thoughts, for that i think my father is my ultimate role model.

I think as one grows older he understand the basic fact that the happiness you search all around the world was right in between your eyes, inside your family and with your parents. Truly parents are one's best asset, unshakeable even in credit crunch era!!!


Raghu said...

Well all this big essay just to say that, you miss your family and friends!!!!!!!! well i can understand!! dont worry friend you will be back home soon!!! Swades type heh!!!

Dhanya V said...

Oh!! per Raghu it's HOME SICKNESS.. hehe.. Join me Jan 24'09.. Can go home..

Vivek said...

nice one sabarish...when i had read your earlier blogs i thought you were a Verbose, though I enjoyed every bit of that too..this one is really nice one to read..keep posting, and i am yet to start my first blog!

Ben K Judson said...

അച്ഛന്‍ blog വായിക്കാന്‍ തുടങ്ങിയപ്പോള്‍ ഒരു tribute എഴുതിയതാണോ

Anonymous said...

dey cant forget sabari who wears plain shirt to tuiton classes with jeans, mostly his fathers shirts. They were like raincoats to you da. You were copying him right from childhood. I liked this.

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