Monday, February 9, 2009

I met ME

Nostalgia, its quite a heavy word synonomous to all those good, bad, evil, naughty, frenetic and of course romantic moment in life. Though quite easily we relate that to our college life. I guess nostalgia was invented in 2004 for me, just when i came out to the big world. Since then time has just flown across between those endless hours in front of computer and long never ending conference calls. "" is the find of the decade if you ask me, as it helps me to keep myself afresh to those memories either through a friend's scrap or some old photos one uploads. Compared to our past generation the current crop is blessed with the power of internet and other communication facilities to keep in touch with our loved ones. Spreading love has never been so easy.

Recently i caught up into a new hobby, its like reading my old mails. You know that the likes of yahoo, rediff and gmail give you ample storage to save mails for generations to come. Its really fun if you try it, in my case its a bit contagious. Last weekend i spent like 6-8 hours on it, just reading my old mails. I infact did a comparison of 'me-then' and 'me-now', what would be my reply if it occurs now (call me crazy or what??). I dunno how many of you will find this interesting enough, but i would tell you beware of those sentimental mails. The one which you would like to read 4-5 times to conquest your inner self. Between all those leg-pulling, sarcastic remarks, poking fingers i guess there is something deeper in me. A deep self, it was great meeting that self again!!

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Anonymous said...

Same boat….myself do read old mails…trust me it will really take you to different world…

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