Monday, March 2, 2009

"Ellam Pukazhum iraivan oruvanukke.."

"Ellam Pukazhum iraivan oruvanukke.." these words are gonna ring in every indians ears for a long time.Rahman the genius, the mozart, the wizard..of all the adjectives i prefer the 'down to earth' rahman. A person is measured by his gratitude and love and rahman is immeasurable by any yardstick here. Resul's acceptance speech dignifying the very word "OM" that precedes with silence and ends with a deep silence are well quoted. We are one helluva secular nation aren't we? Resul is now a star and i hope this will encourage youngsters to foray into black and unknown side of movies. As any other indian even i was on cloud number 9 when rahman was on stage receiving his first oscar. I was dead sure about jai ho!!, but background score was the bonus completely (i personally feel defiance had a better bet for oscar, may be i have heard too much of indian films in my life).

Danny Boyle i love him every time i see him on screen, whether on acceptance speech or an interview. Bloody Brilliant person in all senses, he is friendly, big hearted and more over is funnier by all means. Tell me who else would be on an oscar stage and admit that he missed to add the choreographers name in the title credits. The entire crew of slumdog had a sense of unity, from the technicians to the actors you would see a flock of people enjoying themselves. Academy awards was a change for an indian viewer who are bored by indian film awards where every actor gets an award. for example i have even seen riteish deshmukh receiving a best actor award for bluffmaster, lo kar lo baath!! Danny Boyle has just shown the indian film fraternity on how to make a movie for global audiences. Good Story, Attention to details, a fresh cast and some brilliant music and cinematography.
And the best part of direction is his idea of depicting a work of fiction in the most unique way. The blend of hollywood and hindi film was adorable and refreshing.

My friend said Bombay by maniratnam was a better movie than SlumDog. Yes, if its shown in india. Our viewers need that dose of 1 item song, 2-3 fight sequence and a drag taking the movie close to 3 hours. Western audience prefer a crisper version and we prefer a long version to sit in that theatre and forget our sorrows for atleast those 3 hours. So do you think we are gonna get an oscar ever? Our best bet for oscar still will be from technical side of movie making. Unless our directors start making bold moves and cut down the flab of some same old ghisa-pita story line. Its a choice we need to make either apna-indian way of complete entertainment or aim higher in a world platform like the academy. We need to just enjoy the sweet success of slum dog millionaire, boyle, rahman and nammude swantham resul'ikka(mallu's u know) ;)

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Anonymous said...

Early morning glaring at the idiot box every one of us were waiting for that big moment. It was heart touching to hear rahman mention his 'maa', its a genuine lesson to all of us.

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