Friday, April 10, 2009

Story of 1.5 GYM

"yevanmaar enthinaa ee cheriya praayathil ithrayum cigarette valikkunne?"
Consider these words coming out from a naive, a bit headstrong and bold girl. I replied "enikkariyilla..athil ippo entha prashnam?". She reply's back "Avante okke kidney'um liver'um adichu pokum..athre ullu..aa vivek full time theevandi poleya eppolum aa mili storil ninnu ore valiya....koode raghu'vum undu" I could just stand there and smile and listen to her concern in the most brash way. So this was possibly a small gossip between two classmates about the ill- effects of cigarette smoking amongst their friends. The girl here is 'Sinu Padmanabhan' one of my dear friends and the guy in the discussion is Vivek Ravindran my classmate and a dear friend. So it could have easily ended there, but me being a big mouth and good for nothing turned this gossip into a wild wild story.

That evening i meet vivek and see him bragging amongst his hostelites on politics and cricket and many more, so to basically irritate him or in a way make fun of him i let him know sinu's personal views about him. And 'me being me' added some masala for the other ears listening to the whole cover story(and am pretty good at it).So after this i leave to home that evening but igniting one whole issue altogether unknowingly. Vivek and a big group (no names here) get drinking that night and feel their male ego's crushed and end up in a tirade (therivili) against sinu at her lady's hostel 'Gokulam'. The issue becomes so huge that vivek comes to me next day and says her hostel might issue a police case against him. Dude what are you saying?? i was so worried obviuosly my involvement was omnipresent but also being the first year we were a bit worried too given the history of our college.

Story didn't end there, luckily the exam season came up and there was a month break as well. Technically everything would have forgotten and forgiven after a brief hiatus, expecting this i went to college for our first exam Maths-1. I saw sinu on the hallway, she gave me one helluva look and didnt bother to smile as well. So chapter is not so closed uh? And its still burning and very much ALIVE!!! Exams are over and before classes could start there was this gimmick parent meeting by our tutors. Sounded like a formality with all students lining up with their parents like primary school days.

On the meeting day morning i come with amma to college and i introduce some of my friends and meet up with their parents its all good and friendly environment. Unnikuttan comes to me and says " nee sinuvinte chettane kanduo?" . I asked "enthu?". Unnikuttan in his prem naseer voice starts elobarating "eda oru 6-6.5 adi pokkam, urukku polathe shareeram, kai ennokke paranjaal nammude kaalinte thadi, mukathu kadannal kuthiya pole bhaavam. churukki paranjaal oru onnu onnara gym". Unnikuttan is a master in telling stories and like a thespian his expressions match his tone as well with ease no wonder he is called 'BBC'. He continues "nammude okke kaaryam pokka, especially ninteyum vivek'inteyum" .Sacchi i was a bit worried but knowing unnikuttan i ignored and said to him "poda nammude colleg'il vannu nammale aaru thallan? nee pedikkenda" somehow i knew i was giving him false hopes :) . As we finish saying this i see vivek coming to us and he asks "Sinuvinte Ettan'e kandaa?". Suddenly unnikuttan "aah kandu..nee kandaa?". Vivek said "Mone orumaathiri gym..ente kai odiyum ennu urappaayi". "lagaan'ile otta kayyan spin bowler'e pole aavum njan". Probably this worried me and made me a bit tensed as well, before coming to meeting my tension was when amma finds out i was under-sessional for 6 subjects but now all my worries were conglomerated to sinu and her 1.5 brother(cheeky). As i was guiding amma to the meeting room i see one big fella with blue jean and white t-shirt walking towards us with sinu. I am 6 foot and about 82 kg's in first year so when i call him big fella you can imagine 'he is REAL big'. And sinu she wore a proud grimace on her face totally understandable if you have a giant (metaphorically) on your arms.

Days went on me and sinu became good friends and still are (until she reads this blog), and sinu and vivek are engaged now (had to happen rite?) to be married soon, and her brother 'binu' he is in the indian army (right person for right job) and is no where near the person unnikuttan explained to us. From sinu and litty i have heard a lot of pushings about their brother binu's unconditional love and affection but still somehow that initial image of a 'giant' and an annexed fear lingers some where in our deepest thoughts.
"Vivek'e ninte kaaryam pokka ninte aliyan is an 'onnu-onnara gym' " was one of our punch dialogues to him earlier and still. Last week i was speaking to sinu, she was speaking about binu and he got engaged and all other stories....may be that evoked me to write all this.
Thought would be a wonderful story addition in my blog about a person whom i have never met in real life ;) . Call it FEAR FACTOR eh!!!

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sinu said...

eda pattii....nee ithil nirthiyathu nannayi...jnan vicharichu "box on the face"'um nee pattakkum ennu!

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