Sunday, April 19, 2009

Twitter : tweet to tomorrow

When this millenium started we were guaranteed of one thing 'stronger ties'. Here neither it means the tie (that usually hits our brains) among countries and their co-operation nor the tie which we wear to office. But the ties amongst your family and friends. Of all the pleasures in life the one i personally value the most is ineraction among our loved ones. Science and technology has matured itself for easy access to my dear ones. Phone, mail booms, chat engines, social networking sites like orkut/facebook are all doing their part beautifully.

I know a friend of mine married and happy but career and job profile wanted them to be away for a small period. For ragesh and minu skype is the best invention of this century, i have personally felt the amount of time they spent and found it quite fascinating. Reminded me of my mom's story when my father was posted to Assam , he was not in a position to take her along. So writing letters and that to in my dads case once in a bluemoon was like her biggest relief. She used to read the same letter 'n' number of times, very sweet huh? Think of it now, we are blessed with advancement in technology. My room mate brenesh speaks to his mom for hours daily, most of the time she knows whats cooking in our kitchen :)

Yesterday i digged into one other pettern of web-logging its called TWITTER. Basically we give short updates on ourselves into web. Something like a log in terms of a software engineer. For a person with a very mechanical life twitter makes you understand "what the fuck?? You need a change man!!" if i extrapolate my tweets it will look like this :"wakeup, breakfast, office, lunch, tea breaks, gym, dinner, sleep ". Its like you need to open your horizons, pickup a hobby or something learn new stuffs etc etc. You can integrate your mobile to your twitter and keep tweeting.
As they say in life happens between mails and blog posts how about logging that too (sounds like a web-hijack).

So i found my answer the most redundant question of our times. If someone asks me "Hey waasup? Howz life?". I can either answer "Oh nothing much man, Life is going on pretty much the same. All's good by Gods Grace" (typical answer huh?) or else ican give a cool and YO answer like this: "Dig this my friend ". This will tell you what i am doing right now and what i was in times i was not in touch with you or what kept me busy" Happy Tweeting my Mates...Cheers!!!


Sriram K said...

Such a cool technology isn't it? A simple but out of the box thinking by its creator Jack Dorsey who has just an average background.

What i'm noticing in the recent few days is: Most of the revolutionary ideas are not complicated hi-fi ones. They are just simple ideas created out of a curious brain..

gireesh said...

joined twitter!'s interesting....a good one to kill time..hehe..:)

gireesh said...

catch me here...

Shabbu said...

Yeah i do see you extensively using twitter..

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