Sunday, May 17, 2009

Am i getting Matured?

Maturity well thats a 'redundant' word i hear from my friends for all wrong and right things. I am a bit childish when it comes to pranks and also admit the point i get too messy with silly stuffs or should i put 'used to get too messy'. But time and tide has taken me to this zone where i dont get concerned about stuffs. I aint bothered about lot of the stuff and tend to just forget and look forward. One such big thing is 'failure'. It eats my mind and makes me all high on emotions, anger and awkwardness.

By failure please dont misunderstand to anything else, these are just the losses in sports. Yes just a cricket or soccer game. Some times a bad shot or a runout or a goal missed would haunt me for days altogether. The football final we lost in our college, i took it as a personal failure of my life that the next 2 weeks i felt ashamed to face anyone in college. So i would say either emotional or immature it was me. But i think its a part in everyones life as we move on to better ourselves day in and day out.

Yesterday we played a cricket tournament and we were really sailing off with wins in league matches performing in all departments pretty well. Then we lost thee QF's to another team obviously disappointed but wasn't carried away. I think the losses or my age (should i say experience) has made me to take the blow on my chin and just go forward. As they say it takes a fighter to comeback with vengeance after a mighty blow. Same way i am learning to look forward for some thing better in future. So what do you say are those signs of getting 'Matured'?


Anonymous said...

"Dei inga oruthaan sikkitanda..evalvoo thoothaloom thanguranda..thirubavam vandhu vandhu thokkuranda..romba nallavan da..sikiram oru match-a podungada"


Shabbu said...

hehe meenu dei..ground'ile paarkalaam yaar thokka poraan??

The Mercurian said...

pandu, pathirathriyil plan cheytha tactics okke nee maranno ?? aa kannali fazalum avante moorachi team ine nammal ethra kalikalil tholpichu..Nee pedikendada, jeyam ennum nintethu mathram :-)

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