Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shake the Fake

Fake IPL Player - you may or may not heard of him. But i tell you this guy is groovy hillarious and out and out sarcastic with an apna desi twist. Long story made short Fake IPL Player aka FIP claims himself to be a part of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) playing in the IPL (indian Premier League). He blogs about intricate and sensitive matter inside the KKR camp to his blogpost (no points for guessing the blog link it : If he just blogs like a normal reporter or a commentator there is no brownie points or marketability, his attraction is the list of nick-names he has kept for the various players and celebrities in IPL. Some are real funny ones like 'Appam Chutiya' for 'SreeSanth' and 'Pedophile Priest' for 'Gilchrist'. He has not even spared the commentators and the team owners, for example Shilpa Shetty is 'Big Sister' and Vijay Mallya is 'Batliwaala' and above all 'Dildo King' is SRK himself (LOL).

FIP hits the right spot if you wanna hit your tickle cells and injure your laughter bones. I feel is its the Best Ab workout for this season.. You read this once and you can easily relate to the blunder called IndianPL in South AFRICA. Al the hype and halo just to fool the much fooled indian cricket loving public.

Now lots of theories are in air about who the fuck is FIP? Some say it thejeswar Pujara and some point fingers to Aakaash Chopra and Sanjay Bangar. Some times i think its Sourav Ganguly and his compatriots himself after his break out with the team management. Doesnt seem to be a single man deed for sure, lot of helpers and facilitators.

One thing is pretty clear he is breaking the KKR team into million pieces without any efforts, he plays the james bond with out any guns or cool gadgets (if we exclude mobile/laptop). And as always media frenzy indian public and millions of cricket and gossip lovers are enjoying this dirty lines washing in public (even me too). And as i write this some time next week FIP has promised to reveal himself in public but probably thats gonna be a false alarm i suppose. With all the media attention and thousands of crazy people behind his back he is gonna sure be careful about it.

Kudos to the Faker himself for stirring interest in the much boring IPL2.

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The Mercurian said...

Sreesanth's nickname was the best. I am a regular follower of his blog and I think, he should be revealing his name in a few hours..

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