Friday, May 22, 2009

Shut the fuck up!!!

One thing i have noticed in our generation as such is that we are confident speakers compared to our elders. We speak as if we conquered the world and napolean is just another king in our backyard. But having said that we hardly put our speech into action or to be more clear the verbal assaults are just for the sake of it. Offlate i have been experiencing quite a few of these amongst my friends and pointing finger at them would be brutal as i know 'am no saint either'. But an average mallu is always a revolutionary and he cannot shut the fuck up :). So i am venting my disappointment and anger down this drain called B.L.O.G. Its not that am frustrated at people as these are my loved ones whatever they do, but i detest the huge gap between their talk and the walk.

Recently there was an intiative at my workplace, it was a fund collection for the education of a less priveleged little girl. Her father is a security at our office in chennai and a help of any sort would be appreciable. Ammamma always says its the mentality that counts more than the amount. May be she is the catalyst in my mind for all these magnanimous(i truly believe it is) ventures. So there is Mr.X who collects the funds/co-ordinates and the amount is very meager compared to the one time overpriced indian buffet or the price of tennis balls we hit out in a cricket or tennis matches. But still, these days every one is a philanthropist but before that a true ideologist. Though this effort cannot be classified as a classical charity proposal i would say this was more of a help. But then my buddy Mr.Y says 'Helping one girl wouldn't change anything if you are really doing something you have to do to the core there are still millions like this girl, this is like a drop in the ocean'. Initially he made no sense to me, its either he didn't like the purpose or he thought am just another jackal in a goat skin. But however he added 'for that 20 buck i would buy a better cricket bat'. I feel for this person he is and nothing can be done to make him understand about the tiny step a person/society needs to take to change a whole world. His first statement is very true and embodies a person who think holistically but second statement depicted 'he didn't want' for some obvious reasons. The silver line in the second line will be his frankness and wholeheartedness hats off to than one sire.

Some associate helping to charity and that to a form of 'divine begging'. Personally begging is a No-No in any part of the world and worst one could ever go through. But if there is a god given opportunity to help someone (i personally feel) one must not overlook it. Whether its an idea carried forwarded by the very person you despise, if you see an element of 'good' in it one must go all guns helping it. This also reminds me of a girl Ms.Z who can leave her tongue wagging all around when it comes to global warming and our usage of tissue papers in the toilet/household resulting in cutting of trees in forests of amazon. But when it came down to the same venture by Mr.X she blankly shot a 'NO' to him (surprised or shocked you decide). When i heard it from Mr.X i felt i would have traded a slap from someone instead of a 'NO' from the so called Menaka Gandhi V2.0 herself. And then there is a big group of Mr.A to K who spent hours talking on indian politics and the outcome of it causing a change in rural and urban population, poverty line statistics, money made in alliances, status quo of our economy and the poverty stricken millions in our country. What Rahul and Sonia Gandhi must do in coming years? but as always turned a blind eye (must have been the work pressure and hitherto lack of time) on this venture.

I know 2 colleagues of mine sponsoring kids back in india and taking care of them of all their necessities. He might not be an eloquent speaker but i respect him for his actions than anything else. Elsy Aunty used to tell us every time she gave something back to the society she felt more richer and more divine. I adapted that leaf out of her book and it trulyis warming when god feels you are powerful enough to help someone in the slightest way possible.

Maybe am reading too much between the lines or getting too personal or high on emo, but you know what? thats me altogether. I cannot motivate a dead person to walk the talk with me. But its my privilege to show the right path to a lost traveller. No love lost here its just a mad moment..some where down the lane your rights and my wrongs will merge then may be we will be able to co-relate. But for that lemme know your views wholeheartedly.

PS: Mr.X you rock!! whatever they say kudos for your effort.


athi said...

I meet a lot of these people too... crib and crib and do nothing at all. But I guess things are better around my work place and surroundings, people don't think twice to give away money (cos of fear being ridiculed since we work for a firm which stands high on values or on their own conscience, I wouldn't know). But another sad thing I have come across is that they think it is all about the money, there is really nobody who takes up initiatives and works on them wholeheartedly... commitment for a change is zero, but charity scores high on the sheet.

Btw I think you should give it to them right on their face, I would :P

Sandhya M said...

Menaka Gandhi V2.0?? all your "metaphors" are so displeasing..."metaphors" is what you would like to call them rite?

Me said...

average mallu is a revolutionary i liked that line and am sure this post will put you in lot of trouble as always. way to go buddy.. i always think u track a different route that makes you special.

Shabbu said...

athi, why does one have to say it right to their face when a blog itself does it very well ;)
A lot of stir has been made coz of this blog but i hope everyone takes it in the right spirit. Afterall i didnt cook this up for my whims and fancies its all there and happening i am the unlucky soul to put it in a piece of memory.

Anonymous said...

@Shabbu: About the lady 'special' - An immeasurable arrogant personality having the blood with will-never-understand-anybody taste and a fragrance of will-never-listen-anybody that roots to the source of all problems.

Aint your 'special' is special? lol..

shyama-ur chweet sis' said...

way to go shabbu....u rock!! and yeah Mr.X too...
i know u can handle the waves of anger or whatever tat mite have risen after this...proud of u!!!

Love to hear what you think!
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