Sunday, May 10, 2009

Who is your Best GirlFriend?

Humble, Down to earth, Simple, Talented of all the traits AR Rehman owns the most unique one will be his uncoditional love and respect to his Mother. In every interview or award function you can find him speak about his mothers role in him shaping to this great person he is. May be sounding quite obvious but there is an ocean of sweetness in it. As they say every successful man has a woman behind him, there too some possessive girlfriends and wife's have taken over the importance of mothers....hmm just kidding eh!!. I think no one can even dare to debate on the importance of mothers role in a person's upbringing. Some where i heard this line 'She knows there is a devil in her womb but still she is a loving mother'. How brat, cruel, unjust and all those bad adjectives you can add to a person still his mommy is gonna love him infinitely.

Apart from generalising all those views i am grateful to god every day that i am blessed with a super mom for me and shyama. Yeah she is our best friend since childhood. Our dad had a knife on the edge approach that made us always to stand on our toes and sometimes uncomfortable too. Amma was the more childish, funny and in general easier target for me and shyama. From our slightest wishes to the mightiest greed all happen only through amma. This must have been the case with anybody i suppose. Even at my friends place i am more comfortable speaking to my friends mother
or a frequent visit to her kitchen (to eat and joke around). What i mean to say is mothers are the informal way to feel easy at any house dont you feel?. Mothers day might be marketing gimmick by all senses but its one of those days you can whole heartedly give a hug or say 'i love you' to your amma. After all shy individuals like us either dont find it necessary or cannot find time for it. I already wished my best 'girlfriend' on mothers day. Did ya??

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Anonymous said...

Let me take the oppertunity to comment as the first one to this blog with few words in tamil...

Anbendraley amma... Yen thai pole aaguma..!!

Hope u understand..:)


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