Friday, June 5, 2009

Am i a leader?

One can find a million book about personality development and leadership skills, the role it plays in modern corporate species to become CEO's at 19 [:)]. But i am a firm believer that leadership is more decided in your genes(born leader as they say) than training your brains (only upto an extent). I have experienced quite a few time in my life the moment one reads from a book or attends a personality development course he/she enthralls fully into leading others. This doesn't even stop them from commanding their stupid ideas across the board (assertively). One basic etho in leadership in my view is, you can only be a leader when you like to be lead as well.
Its a two way path and thats where the success lies. Most of us misunderstand leadership by the skills we drive a project or make somebody do he doesn't want to (either by force or compulsion) or to be successful with a team you play any sports.
To drive a project more than leadership its the organizing abilities that come into picture, how well you can accomodate the ego's in your team? thats the question to be answered. Some times we find people who enter "All In" to a scenario with high octane energy and has immense drive to take people to the next level. So is he a good leader? Yes, only if he can maintain the energy through out because most of the time he runs short of energy/enthusiasm to lead and is very skeptical about criticism and failure. There are times when someone who dislikes to play the second fiddle and he feels he has no obligation to anybody. These are all no one else but me at various stages of my life whether at work or sports or life in general. I find leadership very amusing and am always interested in running the show, but still i know am not a complete leader though i would love to be. I personally look up to a few people on various stratas of life and take a leaf out of their book on leading or captaining. On the contrary am not a fool either to jump first into the well to show that am a leader.. lol that will be crazy.
Why i felt writing about it now? Last week we had a soccer game, after a series of disappointing results i decided to take up the matter into my hands(which itself is a rarity). We did remarkably well and i had to yell around and stick to our guns (more of a commander than a leader). This was a drastic change as same scenario some 3 years back in chennai, every weekends we used to lose badly in cricket but i never had the drive to make it as a team. I used to believe less in my team and took the responsibility on my shoulders and a few other restricted souls. Same at work as well either its full adrenalin action or accept defeat in a meek and self effacing manner. May be with various experiences, good tips from friends i guess there is some improvement in that periphery. And at this stage of my life where there are leadership opportunities at every walk of my life i am looking forward to it....but still this question keeps pondering me "Am i a leader? and that too a good one?"


Ben K Judson said...

I read somewhere talent is a measure of one's attitude, aptitude and experience. Why they placed attitude above aptitude. If you have the right attitude you can overcome a lot you lack in aptitude. Hard work is driven by your attitude which gives you the experience to overcome strange situations. So my conclusion Attitude above aptitude any time. I believe when you are in the right attitude you are a leader no matter you are born with it or not. Sabari you have all the ingradients, Keeping the focus will definitely improve you. You have ultimate drive when it comes to competitiveness.

Ashish Nair said...

You are an ultimate leader shabbu not only on cricket matches but in acts of general life as well. But you have a long way to go to handle criticism sportively. Keep going sky is your limit.

Anonymous said...

We got to wait and see to answer ur question in the last line... :)
- Myth..!!

shyama-ur chweet sis' said...

no comments as such dear...would answer ur question in the last line..u r of course a great leader from what i know u...good goin till now...u vl reach ur goal...!!!

I am your daddy said...

yes man u r a leader
in driving people insane
for your crazy ideas
in pj's
for your kick ass attitude
for your pain-in-the-ass- philosophies

and most of all crushability index towards a girl..
Saale pheku..

Arun said...

My personal opinion is you are a good speaker with a gift of gab that makes you the best person to inspire others by words or actions. Leadership is not only about inspiration skills which i believe you possess loads of it, but there are more to it. So i suggest you work on those aspects, what more can make us all happy to see our shabbu becoming a great leader.

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