Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Listen to My Advice....

Advices!! Well thats a freebie anyone can give you on every walk of life. From the cricket fields to corridors in your office you are never short of getting an advice. I am not speaking this for me but for the entire group of people i know of...I am a bit strong headed for my own personal will, and its very difficult for anyone to change my views and ideologies. Some utterly foolish ideology but i live by rule that 'in MY life atleast I make the decisions' (though its not always possible and we must be open to better ideas....but bug off who cares). Apparently most of the advices i find in general not to me alone but to the whole world, it is total bullshit.

Moment you hear some one start saying "I would suggest or My opinion is " .... KLUSHSHHSHHHHH..somebody just flushed the toilet on you....i would say. Thats what i think, and because of this these days even i dont suggest anything to anyone....god has given brains for everyone to figure out themselves whats HOT and whats NOT.......
let them figure out themselves. But there is always a window of opportunity where one can go and ask "dude am in a fix what to do?". I believe am the blessed one here i have so many friends i could walk/call upto even in the middle of the night for any kind of queries/help. That wont associate to advice if u ask me....

Anyway of all the free advices in my life..there is one single advice i cherish and try to perfect it everyday. Its the "Art of saying NO", its the same advice from my previous manager, my colleague, my buddy (no names again) all sing in a single harmonic. The music hummed 'NO'. Jim Carey made a movie called YES man, i would prefer making an indian version of 'NO dude'. In a corporate jungle where we are, everyone is there to chew up each other and walk away with the final pot. In order to refrain from these evil's there is a simple word called "NO". Its how beautifully you put it that matters, "I dont have the bandwidth" , "I dont know" , "Can you check with", "hmmm...", "I have too much on my plate already" , "Iraq is heavenly when compared to my work", and the best one is Silence or no response at all..either the other person will think you are dumb or else he will think 'may be i should ask someone else.

But having said that am not very good at this, i cannot say NO easily and when it comes to work am pretty transparent. My initial perception was whiners have no chance to grow at a workplace, but as i look around whiners and butt wipers achieve more at work than who do their chores properly. So as i have seen i have learnt everything the hard way and i must agree am getting good at this in last few weeks.
Say NO those headaches asap if you want a big YES to enjoy your life, thats a rephrased motto now.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 or not to??

I've never been a ornament person and hated women with lot of jewellery. I feel every ornament brings a sense of tied down effect on one. For how many times i have seen women in my family checking their necklaces and rings out. First to confirm if its there and secondly its at the right place. Thats one of the reason i am uncomfortable wearing a ring(the one ammamma gave me) as well . But these days i am attracted to tattoo's. Yes i consider even them as an ornament. It can be to make a statement or just a crazy fashion but its now my burning desire to get a tattoo. I have been thinking about the various designs like an Ashoka Chakra or the sanskrit scripture 'OM' or may be my sister's name on my shoulders or biceps. I really am yet to decide but ashoka chakra tops the list and for obvious reasons. And yes we are speaking about a permanent tattoo. One for the picking a wife so must be extra careful aint it??

A friend of mine has a chineese symbol of 'Strength' tattoed on his leg calf muscles. Now an 'OM' on my broad biceps would look bombastic and also will give me an urge to workout daily. So its like a Win-Win situation. The safety of a tattoo was the next point to investigate, but these days everyone is using sterilized needles and there are tattoo parlours who are masters at this craft. And they are not that costly for a simple design one just needs to make a booking in advance and maybe they will play around with the design here and there. But yes i need to hit the right frequency with the artist, i dont want him to fiddle around with my personal choices too much.

Still the questions in mind are like these ;
Should i get it or not to??
If yes, which one is better an OM or Ashoka Chakra or you have any better ideas??
Dont give me dumb ideas like hanu gave(danger sign tattoo up your Ass..... lol)plzzzz
Lemme know!!!
Adois till then.................