Friday, August 14, 2009


There are many earnest endevaours i have been part of in one way or the other but i feel offlate this is the best. One of my office mate Ms.K (no names, she is just 28) is suffering from cancer and her supervisor had this superb idea to organize a fundraiser for her. One was a small rose silk ribbon to all those who donate more than a dollar to the contibution (counters were in desk and cafeteria). Another was a pancake breakfast buffet, where we can eat as much as we want and donate a sizeable amount. Small happening like this encourages each and every one of us to come daily to the so called boring place 'office'. Not only i was touched by their emotional attachment and commitment to this young girl but they were extremely careful not a soul were showering her uncalled sympathies. All our prayers are with Ms.K for her battle against cancer, but more than that she has shown me to 'keep smiling what so ever'.

Many thanks to all who participated in our pancake breakfast fundraiser! Your thoughtful spirit and generous donations allowed us to raise $781 for our dear friend and colleague who is battling cancer. I wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate all of you! This morning was great fun for the our Team to sponsor. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. I must say that I am very happy to be working at this Building! I think it is filled with the best associates ever!
The American Cancer Society estimates that 1,437,180 new cases of cancer will be reported this year. They also report that through continued education about prevention and early detection that the survival rate is now 66% overall. For more information, please visit The American Cancer Society at

K fund co-ordinator
(She is a rock star in every way)
K's reply;
Thank you so much!!! This has been amazing! This will really help as I get further into treatment and I will not be able to work as much! It really takes a lot of stress away and lets me concentrate on the battle ahead! I cannot say thank you enough! =)


And for the silk ribbon i have earned its in my desk safe and sound reminding me life is short the more you give the more merrier it becomes even in a small way.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A New Season awaits

August is a very special month for me personally for many reasons. One such reason is it marks the beginning of English Premier League. A football league which i have been rigorously following for last 9 years. Each player transfer, team formation all the silliest thing there excites me. As many of my friends know i support 'Liverpool' football club for obvious reasons. Last year we finished a mighty close second and were neck ahead in terms of entertainment and class compared to previous years. So as a fan it really excites me when a club improves step by step to become giant of a team in europe. I hope this year we become worthy winners and lets some loose tongues tied down.

Steven Gerard and Fernando Torres still going to be our axis but i think the wild card will be acquisition of Aquilani. He will playing in front of ever present Mascherano and is good with both foots. For sure we will miss the service of Alonso but in Johnson and Insua we have good wing backs to fly the crosses in. Gerards creativity and work ethic in the middle with torres's movement upfront is gonna make some defenders wear their dancing shoes.

This year will also be crucial for the dutch duo Babel-Kuyt, Kuyt must have been a TCS employee seeing the amount of work he does on the pitch and no body can question his commitment to the game. Babel once termed as the upcoming Star or the New Thierry henry has not stood up to his reputation yet. I hope this year he proves his critics wrong. Andriy Voronin is back from his successful loan period, guy wants to prove himself to the fine player he is. Its good to see players like him turning up and rise up to the occassion. In Pepe Reina we have one of the best goal keepers in the world and has a good ball distribution range. Carragher, Skrtel and Agger complete the best defence in premier league last year. All in all the signs are ominous and if away from injuries to prime players and the bench stands up to the occassion i have no worries over fellow premiership dreamers.

The most potent armoury in Liverpool's fire power is our manager Rafa. He might not be good at tirades (which he proved last year) like fergie. And he might not proclaim himself as the Special One. Every team in the world is afraid of the astute craftmanship this man possesses. His ethics of Football is very similar to Wenger's but a different philosphy though. Rafa can unlock any team in the world even and can vision a game much ahead of his compatriots. I personally dont care his media image because i know 'whole media is bought by Manchester United'. Rafa has a clear plan on what needs to be done and if as fans we can just rely on him he will deliver the premier league at the doors of Anfield where 'You will Never Walk Alone'.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Killing Thyself

Am attributed to a lot of bad things in my life, a lot of bad actions and their repurcussions. Some of which have caused a wrong notion about me in general to many people i know. Though i dont care about their thoughts and mood swings, i want to correct those sinisters in me. Hell no i am not here to list those one by one and their corrective actions (sounds more like my status report at work). Naah in a plain way i want to be more firm and show backbone to certain places in life. Though i believe life is a stroll on the grass and we must not think it over and confuse ourselves, its always good to rewind and think of alternatives. Its like those balls outside offstump you miss it once or twice then you practise to crack it next time. I have actually begun with the corrective actions it might be from a simple phone call to seeking forgiveness on a previous crazy action. As my colleague Raj puts in his mail signatures "Our lives become beautiful not because we are perfect. Our lives become beautiful because we put our heart into what we are doing". Though late i am upto it.

Killing my odd habits and changing beliefs and opening up is one of 'THE' things i wanna do, kinda birthday resolution [:)].