Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Killing Thyself

Am attributed to a lot of bad things in my life, a lot of bad actions and their repurcussions. Some of which have caused a wrong notion about me in general to many people i know. Though i dont care about their thoughts and mood swings, i want to correct those sinisters in me. Hell no i am not here to list those one by one and their corrective actions (sounds more like my status report at work). Naah in a plain way i want to be more firm and show backbone to certain places in life. Though i believe life is a stroll on the grass and we must not think it over and confuse ourselves, its always good to rewind and think of alternatives. Its like those balls outside offstump you miss it once or twice then you practise to crack it next time. I have actually begun with the corrective actions it might be from a simple phone call to seeking forgiveness on a previous crazy action. As my colleague Raj puts in his mail signatures "Our lives become beautiful not because we are perfect. Our lives become beautiful because we put our heart into what we are doing". Though late i am upto it.

Killing my odd habits and changing beliefs and opening up is one of 'THE' things i wanna do, kinda birthday resolution [:)].


rocksea said...

there may be a lot of people to pass comments based on their skewed viewpoints. just keep your mind clean and your self confident. don't bother much abt what others think. no body is bothered abt you as much you yourself.

rocksea said...

and birthday wishes if it is your birthday! liked the description on top of your blog. cheers,,

SFB said...

Very nice one da...We never knew those silly things which we would have done for fun, would cause some issues in later stage...very well said...Teach me how u gonna do that!!
Good luck!

The M said...

all the best!!!

I had a really hard time during the four years in NSS. Kinda felt the same way. But maybe, I'm not ready yet for a change. Happily sulking!

Love to hear what you think!
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