Friday, September 25, 2009

Story of a Tharoor Tweet...

Everyone these days are having a dig at Mr.Sashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament from Thiruvananthapuram. Tharoor as we all know is a magnificient personality someone any youth can look up to. He who contested for the U.N Secretary General Chair after many years of UN experience under his belt. By personal choice he find himself a place in Indian Politics as a Congress Candidate. A welcome sign for a developing India to have thinking people in politics rather than some film stars and bigwig industrialists cashing on their fame.

Tharoor on Twitter, well i knew he was in this space even before this saga happened and was quite diligently following his tweets. As a 'responsible indian youth' i felt him to be more approachable to aam aadmi this way. Moreover each of his tweets reflected his excuberance and enthusiasm towards his job and his son's work. And its new to citizens like us to learn the activities of a minister via tweets rather than some newspaper with more importance towards the dias than the speech. Infact quite a few times i have quizzed him on certain burning topics in indian politics (though he didnt answer me - understandably so). So one of his such tweets about 'cattle class' has unfuriated the trp oriented news channels, jealous ministers and few jobless top brasses (so called).

The repurcussions have been alarmingly severe. With all the youth congress initiatives, ticket to youth for elections and all the 'saviour of new india' congress still behaved like the old party that it has been. Still very conservative and split wide open when any concern arises. Though here its nothing of a concern or not even a scaer its a tiny weeny tweet, but still congress high command always had the final say on this matter. Tharoor was just made aware 'who's your daddy?' or should i say "mommy". Atleast our PM had the commonsense to brush off the tweet as a joke and had the apetitite to digest a sarcasm from a former UN representative.

FootNote: Tharoor must be wondering on what happened to 'Freedom of Speech' may be its time for you to add an amendment 'The Freedom of Tweet' sire or may be a crash course on 'Sarcasm and Diplomacy' to the HighCommand and all those 'Cattle Class Lovers'.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Vijesh memories...

Vijesh my friend just a few hours ago left us to the heavenly abode. Lot of memories, a lot of them and they are killing me even more. Feels like deja vu after binu's death. I guess everyone resigned it to be fate but still cant digest this. Macha!! da myre remembering you and all those pranks . Those good and bad times we shared, i am helpless as i write now. I am going through this arrays of emotions and memories and hoping it to be a bad dream. We are not ready for way. Nallavare nerathe vilikkum ennu amma parayum pole aanenkil ninnodu aaru paranjeda ithrakku nannavaan ?

First day in FYMB Nov 20th 2000, ragging petti lakshmi posing as seniors, introducing to kutty sankaran, playing cricket in the evenings, those prolonged mohanlal vs mammooty discussions, watching maria movies in New Kerala theater, first kallu kudi in paayattamkunnu, playing cards in sreelakshmi, teaching us engineering graphics, 'enne SI thalli..sankarane verum oru constable' , the royal pushers, blue colour hero honda passion, fighting off a drunk kc on union inauguration, college election campaigning, tcs treat, ottan thullal with sarun, ..the list will go on for all these memories (sometimes remembering everything is proving to be not good for one's health).

As everyone of us have been telling each other over phone 'Nothing in our Hands' but all i can say is 'You still rule our hearts da and dont worry about inni'.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The YSR Factor

YS RajaSekhar Reddy CM of Andhrapradhesh passed away in a tragic helicopter accident. Many might have known this by now from the media or through friends. What is remarkable about this is i never knew people of AP liked him so much. I mean how could some one like a politician so much. After Rajiv Gandhi passed away and in some way after loss of Madhava Rao Scindia in an uncalled manner this must be the most mourned political death. I have had the luck of seeing him once entering a car near 'Andhra Bhavan' New Delhi. Me and Madan went for the Rs.50 unlimited lunch there in Andhra Bhavan and just saw a glimpse of a leader being escorted to his car on a cold afternoon. After that it some how interests me to read about him whenever i see his name in news.

But then working in an industry dominated by friends from andhra and especially lot of "reddy's" i get to hear a lot of good things about a legend he has been. From the knock out to Chandrababu naidu to the 1600 km walk across andhra (like a new age Gandhiji) and many more. Kishore my friend is devastated today and is finding himself short of words this morning. I found it strange and some what sweet. You know why? because i could not link myself to a politician from kerala for whom i would feel sad. Call it a stone heart smug or the lack of a heart touching politicians. AK Anthony in my books is good but never he was this lion hearted to address peoples issues, whenever there was a pressure he resigned gleefully. Nevermind!! not to deviate from the main topic here which is YSR.

In an era where there is a scarcity of dynamic and irresistible leaders this sure is a big loss to our country. A harbinger he was and destined for something real good and my only hope is his followers etch the same path and achieve it to celebrate a life called YSR.