Friday, September 25, 2009

Story of a Tharoor Tweet...

Everyone these days are having a dig at Mr.Sashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament from Thiruvananthapuram. Tharoor as we all know is a magnificient personality someone any youth can look up to. He who contested for the U.N Secretary General Chair after many years of UN experience under his belt. By personal choice he find himself a place in Indian Politics as a Congress Candidate. A welcome sign for a developing India to have thinking people in politics rather than some film stars and bigwig industrialists cashing on their fame.

Tharoor on Twitter, well i knew he was in this space even before this saga happened and was quite diligently following his tweets. As a 'responsible indian youth' i felt him to be more approachable to aam aadmi this way. Moreover each of his tweets reflected his excuberance and enthusiasm towards his job and his son's work. And its new to citizens like us to learn the activities of a minister via tweets rather than some newspaper with more importance towards the dias than the speech. Infact quite a few times i have quizzed him on certain burning topics in indian politics (though he didnt answer me - understandably so). So one of his such tweets about 'cattle class' has unfuriated the trp oriented news channels, jealous ministers and few jobless top brasses (so called).

The repurcussions have been alarmingly severe. With all the youth congress initiatives, ticket to youth for elections and all the 'saviour of new india' congress still behaved like the old party that it has been. Still very conservative and split wide open when any concern arises. Though here its nothing of a concern or not even a scaer its a tiny weeny tweet, but still congress high command always had the final say on this matter. Tharoor was just made aware 'who's your daddy?' or should i say "mommy". Atleast our PM had the commonsense to brush off the tweet as a joke and had the apetitite to digest a sarcasm from a former UN representative.

FootNote: Tharoor must be wondering on what happened to 'Freedom of Speech' may be its time for you to add an amendment 'The Freedom of Tweet' sire or may be a crash course on 'Sarcasm and Diplomacy' to the HighCommand and all those 'Cattle Class Lovers'.

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Anonymous said...

A minister available at your finger tips for answering the most absurd queries...thats strange. Shashi Tharoor has the patience and nerve to answer the most outrageous questions...but this time puts him under trouble.

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