Monday, September 14, 2009

Vijesh memories...

Vijesh my friend just a few hours ago left us to the heavenly abode. Lot of memories, a lot of them and they are killing me even more. Feels like deja vu after binu's death. I guess everyone resigned it to be fate but still cant digest this. Macha!! da myre remembering you and all those pranks . Those good and bad times we shared, i am helpless as i write now. I am going through this arrays of emotions and memories and hoping it to be a bad dream. We are not ready for way. Nallavare nerathe vilikkum ennu amma parayum pole aanenkil ninnodu aaru paranjeda ithrakku nannavaan ?

First day in FYMB Nov 20th 2000, ragging petti lakshmi posing as seniors, introducing to kutty sankaran, playing cricket in the evenings, those prolonged mohanlal vs mammooty discussions, watching maria movies in New Kerala theater, first kallu kudi in paayattamkunnu, playing cards in sreelakshmi, teaching us engineering graphics, 'enne SI thalli..sankarane verum oru constable' , the royal pushers, blue colour hero honda passion, fighting off a drunk kc on union inauguration, college election campaigning, tcs treat, ottan thullal with sarun, ..the list will go on for all these memories (sometimes remembering everything is proving to be not good for one's health).

As everyone of us have been telling each other over phone 'Nothing in our Hands' but all i can say is 'You still rule our hearts da and dont worry about inni'.


Anonymous said...

what? i'm shocked! what happened?

Shabbu said...

Last time i met him was at chimbru's wedding. As always to anybody else i was at the teasing best and made a joker outta him. Now i feel like a complete idiot thats the last conversation i had with him. As minu says to me always 'there are moments in life when you need to appreciate somebody'. I learnt this lesson in the most hard you vijesh..i always loved you.... Still not out of the shock.

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