Thursday, September 3, 2009

The YSR Factor

YS RajaSekhar Reddy CM of Andhrapradhesh passed away in a tragic helicopter accident. Many might have known this by now from the media or through friends. What is remarkable about this is i never knew people of AP liked him so much. I mean how could some one like a politician so much. After Rajiv Gandhi passed away and in some way after loss of Madhava Rao Scindia in an uncalled manner this must be the most mourned political death. I have had the luck of seeing him once entering a car near 'Andhra Bhavan' New Delhi. Me and Madan went for the Rs.50 unlimited lunch there in Andhra Bhavan and just saw a glimpse of a leader being escorted to his car on a cold afternoon. After that it some how interests me to read about him whenever i see his name in news.

But then working in an industry dominated by friends from andhra and especially lot of "reddy's" i get to hear a lot of good things about a legend he has been. From the knock out to Chandrababu naidu to the 1600 km walk across andhra (like a new age Gandhiji) and many more. Kishore my friend is devastated today and is finding himself short of words this morning. I found it strange and some what sweet. You know why? because i could not link myself to a politician from kerala for whom i would feel sad. Call it a stone heart smug or the lack of a heart touching politicians. AK Anthony in my books is good but never he was this lion hearted to address peoples issues, whenever there was a pressure he resigned gleefully. Nevermind!! not to deviate from the main topic here which is YSR.

In an era where there is a scarcity of dynamic and irresistible leaders this sure is a big loss to our country. A harbinger he was and destined for something real good and my only hope is his followers etch the same path and achieve it to celebrate a life called YSR.


Anonymous said...

good one shabbu. YSR is a god send as far as i am concerned.

Kishore On th Blog said...
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Kishore On th Blog said...

Good One Sabs...Its true that he is a great leader and people like him are meant to be born again!!!!!

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