Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where are you Alisha?

Guys! As many of you might know i had been on a vacation back home for a month. From there i digged up my old collection of short notes, stories and some poems. I had this habit of penning something at the back of my notebook in classroom or some old diaries. Basically went through a few of them and this one caught my eye, dated August 21, 2000. Its titled 'Where are you Alisha?' written around a story i heard from my friend. Somehow i had tried to make a poem out of it...still i feel a gem from my old collection.

Poem goes out like this,

Where are you Alisha?

Where did i see her?
was that in the train or at the theater..
Gosh! for gods sake, i cant remember
Silver bangles,shiny skin, strong perfume
a 5 sec pause.....
you were there right in front of me
nothing said nothing heard
though our eyes kinda glued
somebody yelled out aloud Alisha!
with a giggle she walked past me
and thats the last sight of her
as if i adorned a blinker
but still can't remember...
Where the heck i saw her?
a burqa clad girl she was
all i could see were those eyes
those perfectly kajal-ed deep black eyes..
everyday i wake up from my slumber
and hope to meet her somewhere
till then am standing astrayed
Alisha, when will i meet her?

- Shabbu

I hope you liked it!


jojyva said...

Who is Alisha??

Shabbu said...

my friend saw her somewhere...he claims her name was alisha...

Sreejit said...

Hmmmm why are u firing the gun from someone else's shoulder. Friend aano atho nee thaanne kandathano?

Shabbu said...

enne samshayikkanda..ithil maayam illa manthram illa..

Unknown said...


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