Friday, January 29, 2010

Mein Priyanka Chopra Banna Chaahthi Hoon?

Well dont get puzzled? I am more of embezzled after the news reached me. Priyanka Chopra plays a model (which she was earlier) and won a National Award for her services. A filmfare award would have been fair enough as she hardly finds a competition with a leggy-least-acting-oriented Deepika, or a gori memsaab Katrina, a lost Lara, Zero sized Kareena (aren't there any actresses am amused or maybe i cant think of any on top of my head). Kangana Ranaut is type cast and can deliver the 'bitch' role like no one else. Need to see what she can do in other roles, well cant blame her completely as these days scripts are written for the scantly dressed gals and lots of oomph factor. Kareena sometime shows a glitter of hope but well again she is nothing but an overhyped kapoor-khandaan-actress. Then there are a bunch of other actresses about whom we come to know only when a movie releases (basically their acting wont stay in our minds that long enough).

Who am i to say all this? Well a big movie fanatic like many amongst us lost in those Madhuri Dixit nakhre's or a Sreedevi screen presence or a Shobana's grace. These days Rajiv Masand decides who has screen presence and who hasn't :). Ram Gopal Varma made a movie 'Mein Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahthi Hoon' ; infact a true title depicting the pulse of those millions of girls who were charmed by 'Madhuri'. Though the movie was a dud with Antara Mali playing the dreamy girl but the title was good enough. Then there was a tomboyish karizma about Kajol and her sheer talent. Though she reappears now and then but its hard to see her outside Karan Johars Scripts or a Khan movie. Aiswarya Rai is in Mid-Air neither in Hollywood nor in Bollywood. More over the script must have Bachhan pariwaat involved in some way so thats an added hurdle. Vidya Balan is a good actress but haven't seen a movie where she can shake a leg or two.

Priyanka Chopra was good in fashion but awarding her country's top acting award in a way blemished the aura associated with National Awards. In one interview Mammootty had said about the globalising BOLLYWOOD which 'swallowed' the Cannes film festival. Bollywood actors romping and ravaging world film festivals just for the Red Carpets. Something similar to National Awards as well?? We see a lot of bollywood actors winning it. In Priyanka's defense she was way better than Saif Ali Khan in HumTum for which he won a National Award a few years back. A country which produced talented actresses like Madhuri, Shobhana, Nandita Das , Shabana Azmee or Smita Patil has thrusted the whole weight on poor Priyanka Chopras. She has the next door girl face and good looks to match that, but acting bole tho she has to go a long long way.

The genuine problem lies in the way stories are written. Directors bank on the 'Khans and a  Kumar' that they just need a pretty face for their heroine. And if she is more than willing to jump into the sea in a bikini ..PERFECTO!!! Every director comes up with a cliched statement 'my heroine is a simple girl from a small town...' .When did simple girls started drinking, pole dancing, sleeping with strangers and bikini clad? As always common sense is out of the story line as far as a heroine is considered. Saddening part is the screen time for most heroines. Production houses market movie with a heroine in the cast, Director and Writer give big statement on these 'gifted actress who immerses herself in the role'. But truly they know movie will go forward even if she is not there. We have seen end credits in alphabetical order and in order of appearances but i guess now they should start in order of screen time. Well that will be an 'Eye  Opener' eh?

In these observations there might be an Exception but it generally can be taken up as a Rule until something melodramatic happens to Hindi Movies.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Plugged in...

Music, well i would say it keeps me fresh all day long. Whether am at work or at gym or drive back home am always plugged in to ipod/iphone whatever i get. Much more like the agents in Matrix movies. This time after vacation i have brought back some old collections i had since college days and the time in chennai. MP3 collected from all over and not to miss my sisters unique collection. And also a big big A R Rahman collection (how can i even think about music without Rahman). Though i dont have a special adherence to a particular type of music as i prefer not to be stuck on one floor. Basically i like the radio/fm culture its the best place where you can explore all the latest and greatest music. Then we have the abudance of youtube music, any song you name it some how you can grab hold of it from youtube. As every one of you i prefer songs that suit my mood or songs that could elevate me to a better mood. Like there is no point in listening to an Yesudas classic in gym basically when you are pumping your bice and trice. Then there is this beautiful aspect of certain songs that remind us of someone. Like one of my dearest friend liked the song "White Flag" by 'Dido'. Its been ages since i met her but for some reason this song just keeps those memory cells alive. And there is "Maaeri" by 'Euphoria' which is the bread and butter song of my guitarist bro. "Zara Zara" from RHTDM which shyama karaoked at Kumarakom Chennai. Then there are those handful of songs we mouth in the classroom desk with Sankar on beats which even Sivamani could be proud of. If  i just start listing, well it could go on forever. But i guess thats how each song structures or weaves a person/face around it. I am not sure if you guys also feel the same, but well i have yelled my thoughts about it.


Monday, January 11, 2010

iPhone Blues!!!

Last time i was so effin happy was when my dad gifted me a bicycle in 8th standard. These days i sit, stand ,sleep and even shi* (sorry abt the language ladies) with the new iPhone in hand. Well i have been planning to buy it forever, its just that i had a contract with my previous carrier that stopped me from owning it. One must or will get floored away by this pretty device and its really kick ass in every way. Its the whole 'touch screen' imagery that is so enthralling. I am not here to give the tech spec about the device as you can find 'n' number of expert opinions on it. As an end user i will be a little biased not just because i own it also for the fact that i have been waiting eagerly to own one. 3G experience on a mobile is an entirely new experience as such. Given the fact that we are so adhered to the cyber world these days. Access of youtube, facebook, yahoo and orkut in your palm what more do you want to keep in touch with your loved ones. I take random pic of a snow, or some amazing christmas lights or a beautiful car or anything for that matter and send it to my sister in India. And not to forget those thousands of apps flooding in the market just to make the iPhone expereince an awesome one. Next time you think about a gift for your loved ones, well dont think twice, just go for an iPhone . That is if you are able to grab one hassle free(contract less). It comes to 650$ which is quite costly for an average 'go getter'. But for somethings in life Max. Retail Price doesnt matter. Does it????