Monday, January 11, 2010

iPhone Blues!!!

Last time i was so effin happy was when my dad gifted me a bicycle in 8th standard. These days i sit, stand ,sleep and even shi* (sorry abt the language ladies) with the new iPhone in hand. Well i have been planning to buy it forever, its just that i had a contract with my previous carrier that stopped me from owning it. One must or will get floored away by this pretty device and its really kick ass in every way. Its the whole 'touch screen' imagery that is so enthralling. I am not here to give the tech spec about the device as you can find 'n' number of expert opinions on it. As an end user i will be a little biased not just because i own it also for the fact that i have been waiting eagerly to own one. 3G experience on a mobile is an entirely new experience as such. Given the fact that we are so adhered to the cyber world these days. Access of youtube, facebook, yahoo and orkut in your palm what more do you want to keep in touch with your loved ones. I take random pic of a snow, or some amazing christmas lights or a beautiful car or anything for that matter and send it to my sister in India. And not to forget those thousands of apps flooding in the market just to make the iPhone expereince an awesome one. Next time you think about a gift for your loved ones, well dont think twice, just go for an iPhone . That is if you are able to grab one hassle free(contract less). It comes to 650$ which is quite costly for an average 'go getter'. But for somethings in life Max. Retail Price doesnt matter. Does it????

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Raghu said...

this is what i meant when i mentioned " an adieu to Mr.Simpleton" !! Cheers

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