Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar

Well the name says it all...doesnt it? He is the god himself of Cricket. Anywhere in the world where they follow cricket must have gazed in awe at this brilliant creation. Today as i blog Tendulkar has surpassed another milestone - First ODI double hundred by a batsman. Many reached close to it but destiny was written it to be him. 20 years of international cricket and still nothing can stop his child like enthusiasm to the game. Sometimes my mind gets cluttered with too many words to write about something, today is one of those days. Every word i write i feel i wont be paying full justice to the sheer talent, hardwork,perseverance and hell other qualities embedded in this gods gift to us. Adjectives well they are hard to come by when we think about him. One thing am sure of, still many more kids will take their cricket bats with Sachin's sticker on it playing on the streets of chennai, melbourne,karachi or london. I salute you Sir...with all respects.

Biting the forbidden fruit

The best thing about a bachelor life is the total freedom. I mean nothing can be compared to it. Its like those immeasurable stuffs we studied in 9th standard physics. Freedom here is not the one Gandhiji fought against the British Raj for but its more like the lazying and fooling around the marquee one. Basically you aren't answerable to anyone but to yourself which makes us this unknown mammothial entity. Last week a few friends and me went out for a movie, dinner at some indian restaurant and bowling after that. Well you could do all 3 of the above with a women in your arm, but i cant say that they would feel like same and latter would be better. Even with my friends who are girls (not the other way around) i personally aren't that comfortable and some words ought to be gobbled up, its like the name 'Voldemont'. You gotta act unnatural or else no one is comfortable. May be the difference in emotional quotients and understandings, there still lies a brief hiatus. And its not like we can negate a girl and completely ignore them, obviously we need them but for some reasons there lies an iota of seriousness and 'plastic face' that comes with it. My friends who are hooked up will definitely know better.

There was this cliched moment when we all were sitting in a row and in the row ahead of us were this couple. So one of us picks out this line "What the f* am i doing with you guys? See that guy is enjoying with her." We all had a good laugh about it, but inside us we all are scared about the 'x' number of  packages that arrive with it. My friend says its the fear of commitment, whatever it is it sounded crazy. Most of the guys in our gang never had any girlfriends to speak of and the word 'date' still lies in those chick movies for us. But if we were playing 'Deal or No Deal' i personally wont exchange the time out with our gang for a date. Whether it was in college or at work or still now i have a personal liking for those times with guys. Whether its at the pub, watching cricket matches, playing football,  late night ventures to restaurants, playing cards...each has its own flavour of time pass.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reading a bud 'thro and thro'

Varun sits all alone in a pompous starbucks coffee shop in busy streets of Chicago. Sipping hot mocha he remembers his days as a student with the sweetest ever cutting chai at the nair tea stall. Walking in the cold breeze with a slight snow and a smoke in his hand he disappears into the oblivion. Times have changed he muses and truly it has, way past the cliches. Philosopher in him sinking in front of his eyes turning out to be mere statements in ego. Its like the story of a kid hanuman who jumped to grab Sun thinking it as a fruit. Something similar in many ways, the fruit he went for was bigger than he expected for. Ideologies he picked up from various stratas of life. Ideologies he believed and virtually trusted to die for but now he feels like in front of a huge wall with darkness behind and steepness ahead. Sometimes its easier to speak than rather to do it in action. Why was being common so disliking, so cursed for him? Anything but generic was his code word but still unanswered as they lie in front of him. He needs the courage to pick up those shattered pieces and go ahead. Is that a lack of impetus or just loss of sheer determination, well only time can tell. He misses his love the very shoulder he could cry upon without any shame and admit his fallacies. Even she has moved on and thrives in those vague emails and emoticons in yahoo messenger. Friends missing brithdays, new years and gradually forgetting the very existence of him.  Some think of him as a nerd playing six strings at middle of night and blurting out cobain. Pressures at work, politcs amongst colleagues, endless deadlines synch in harmony to squeeze every drop out of him. Folks now want him to get settled with a complete stranger and keep on amassing wealth for no reasons other than theirs. Agendas of life as he sees them, he continues walking the path everyone follows though deep inside he wants to answer the call of those wild dreams. Snickeringly he remembers his friend Mental's words "Path aint matter if you keep on Walking Tall".