Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The CRITIC inside you..yeah YOU

Criticism is a very common word these days and its in every ones dictionary or lingo. Critics are given godly status like Masand  or Manjrekar for example. But i have seen quite often there is a critic inside everyone throwing tantrums on others actions. The job of a critic is quite easy if you just sit and give negative comments about anything under the sun, but it gets that more difficult if you think of a solution or atleast put a motivating placard for the poor souls. FIlm, Politics, Sports any field you take there will be critics to bring a 'fresh' (lol) air of thoughts. But on a personal front am a NO-NO against criticism. Many of my friends who know me well would have noticed am not a big fan of criticism at a personal level. Though i keep myself away from criticizing anyone i would also not welcome from them as well. I believe i would rather motivate this 1 guy rather than criticizing another 100. Though all this i farely get my daily dose of criticism in many forms either as a comment or as an appraisal remark or as a feedback at work or even could be a banter with evil buried deep inside. I have noticed a few people enjoy this job of criticizing anyone just for the 'heck' of it. And there are no remorse in their action, all they want is their opinion blattered out loud. But i must also admit i am blessed with a closed circle of friends who not only criticize but take time in understanding why or what was behind my action or simply the way I am. Its overwheliming to see when someone suggests you a different way to look at stuff rather than pointing fingers. I must admit there were occassions in my life when a less adamant me could have done a better job rather than sticking my tongue out in the end. But as they say 'I am what Iam' coz end of the day it all matters to what you listen to the critic inside you than the one standing outside. There are a lot of places in life where you have to answer this question 'Whats the best trait in you?'. Offlate i think its me being a Self-Critic, yeah thats the one i am speaking of. The only one soul who is never happy, with the talent of Bhutia pushing myself to Maradona (metaphorically). Its not easy to answer him coz thats the only critic who wont buy your excuses and thats his beauty.

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