Monday, August 9, 2010

Varkee and Necab...a tale of two lost lovers.

NSS Engineering College Alumni of Bangalore aka NECAB conducted this program called SAMAGAMAM (which means the mother of all get togethers). Well the only think that links me to this is my college NSS. And "Oh Yeah" a few close buddies of mine who are in Bangalore. But man i have been hearing "Samagamam" in and about it every 2 mins at my home. Its like a daily prayer of some sort. The refugee of my room aka room-mate cum ex-classmate and an idiotic friend of mine Jojy Varghese is a big time disciple of NECAB. Given a chance he would make it a religion with his favourite idols/gods Sudheeshettan, Prakash Bare (ettan), Balettan, Manojettan etc etc. He calls his wife Anu for 10 minutes a day and the rest of the people above + Nishant (NECAB conander for this year) like for 10 hours (wink). Now take up your imaginary powers and extrapolate to envision this : One Saturday night i was out as usual partying at my friends place came late to home. With lights switched off and darkness dooming i see a small light in the edge of the room. Thus the lights lead me there, I see Jojy sitting in the bed with his laptop and smiling. Now given the time and being his wife (Anu Sarah) back in India my Adoor Gopalakrishnan mind became an I.V.Sasi mind and felt pity for him. "Hell yeah, it must be porn". I went near him silently with a nimble toe and silence. And what do i see?? He was reading a mail from so called "Necab-Core" (some elite committee like the league of the nations). "Ahhh What a loser?" Hahaha i made the fun ass out of him for that...and he is been digging up revenge stories against me since then. Holy Moly...that was one good laugh. Next day, Sunday morning the selected day when i dont have any games to go then i sleep till 1 PM (yeah afternoon..any problem?), but unless our beloved friend decides to campaign/market for Samagamam to his friends in Bangalore. He was speaking so loud that, in my deep sleep i would have heard some "karma" we would achieve by attending the function. Many a times he wanders like a lost soul, tracking health of Venugopal the singer (who was performing at Samagamam), Bangalore weather on August 7th, My Sister Shyama and her friends travel routines (upcoming NECAB'ian as he believes), What coloured bindi his wifey Anu has to adorn for that particular day etc etc. On the big day had he been fukin rich he would have taken a flight just to attend that function. And had i been way more richer i would have stopped him anyhow(just kidding..think abt it which is way more fun??). That night he calls up another asshole of a friend Raghu(who i heard unskinned me at the function) and asks the where abouts of the 'boorshva'function. Next 30 mins people after people they kept yapping blah da blah da blah etc etc. Roberto Benigni in his oscar acceptance speech said "I want to jump naked into this crowd" out of sheer joy and ecstasy. Thank God, for not letting me and Ben (our other roomie) go through that. Because Boy wonder he was in that kinda joy. My sources back there say , Jojy has won MAYA(well not the girl but its Most Admirable Young Alumni" award). Now that Samagamam is over and a big success (as he says), he has started campaigning for Samagamam 2011. Oh boy!! miles to go before i sleep...I GUESS!!

NOTE : This is a totally fun intended backstabbing ball kicking act between me and my friend Jojy. He is doing his part verbally by tarnishing my image in Columbus. So this is my mean-lean way to get back at him. If i have hurt anyone's feeling here, please blame Jojy because he is an Ma..Ma..Ma..(athu venda) Mathanga Thalayan. Ciao..World Peace!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Confessions of a Born Leg-Puller

Many of you know already and many in the process of it. Folks i am getting engaged to Deepthi this September 5th and marriage some time in Jan 2011. As i share this good news the very first question that bounces to me is "Is it a love marriage?". The polite answer is 'No' and a funnier one is "Arranged CommBbbletely". I dont know if it's a trick question (to fool me somehow) or is it going by the trend these days. Anyhow i've met Deepthi only once (the official pennukaanal) and the next time i will meet her is for the engagement. Now try explaining this to my client Charles here, i did take the herculean effort and he kept coming back with more doubts. Its hillarious sometimes how our tradition works, we basically dont have a conceptual understanding all we do is follow the system of rules.
Last few years a few friends of mine got married and in their courting period were glued to their phones with their 'would-be' on the other end. I made a meal out of it, and would tirelessly make jokes on them. With a few nick names like 'wire-man', 'phone-mainac' attached to them. But now when it came to my turn i am in complete awe and respect to the above said people. I found out the hard earned truth that its easier to pull some one's leg rather than speak to a girl. Its more like where to start and what do i speak syndrome? After 5 mins i reach a topic on football or cricket and i can hear her yawning at the other end. Other truth being am a big bore over the phone than in real and i just cannot help picking on others, but here the theme being romance. Its more like a Charles Chaplin in a romantic movie i tend to be clumsy and sometimes hillarious. She surely is going to have some tough time ahead. :)

But to be frank our early apprhensions and prejudice about marriages are fading but they do reappear once a while. After a long bachelor life and a fullfilling one i think this is the right time and she is the right one. Luckily am surrounded by a like minded friend circle who have seen it all and sometimes talking to them is a big relief. I am eagerly looking forward for this and by gods grace hope it all goes well. Hope to see a few of you there at my marriage in Jan'011. I will post you the dates and venue once everything is finalized.