Monday, August 2, 2010

Confessions of a Born Leg-Puller

Many of you know already and many in the process of it. Folks i am getting engaged to Deepthi this September 5th and marriage some time in Jan 2011. As i share this good news the very first question that bounces to me is "Is it a love marriage?". The polite answer is 'No' and a funnier one is "Arranged CommBbbletely". I dont know if it's a trick question (to fool me somehow) or is it going by the trend these days. Anyhow i've met Deepthi only once (the official pennukaanal) and the next time i will meet her is for the engagement. Now try explaining this to my client Charles here, i did take the herculean effort and he kept coming back with more doubts. Its hillarious sometimes how our tradition works, we basically dont have a conceptual understanding all we do is follow the system of rules.
Last few years a few friends of mine got married and in their courting period were glued to their phones with their 'would-be' on the other end. I made a meal out of it, and would tirelessly make jokes on them. With a few nick names like 'wire-man', 'phone-mainac' attached to them. But now when it came to my turn i am in complete awe and respect to the above said people. I found out the hard earned truth that its easier to pull some one's leg rather than speak to a girl. Its more like where to start and what do i speak syndrome? After 5 mins i reach a topic on football or cricket and i can hear her yawning at the other end. Other truth being am a big bore over the phone than in real and i just cannot help picking on others, but here the theme being romance. Its more like a Charles Chaplin in a romantic movie i tend to be clumsy and sometimes hillarious. She surely is going to have some tough time ahead. :)

But to be frank our early apprhensions and prejudice about marriages are fading but they do reappear once a while. After a long bachelor life and a fullfilling one i think this is the right time and she is the right one. Luckily am surrounded by a like minded friend circle who have seen it all and sometimes talking to them is a big relief. I am eagerly looking forward for this and by gods grace hope it all goes well. Hope to see a few of you there at my marriage in Jan'011. I will post you the dates and venue once everything is finalized.

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Kishore On th Blog said...

Macha,,you ahve become the next "wire man" on the bloc ,see you everyday on your morning to afternoon status calls with deepthi!!!!

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