Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ButterFly Effect

I was walking down the college verandah as usual bunking a class and on my way to the Mens Hostel. Thats where most of my lethargic friends would be lazying around and rediscovering themselves. On my way i stopped by the nearest waterhole or the so called 'water cooler' standing tall in light blue just below the staircases.The usual routine is to drink water from there, stop by the co-op store to buy a Munch (chocolate) and talk to another bunch of lost souls sitting in the college portico. A few hours at the portico is worth all the time because you get to see all the young ladies passing by and also the only spot not crowded by 'couples'. You know places where guys can be guys, yell around or whistle or holler and whatever no one asks. So pitstop watercooler and i see this beautiful girl drinking water. May be i saw her from behind that made her even more attractive (oops..i had to say it..). She turns at me and smiles, WOW where was she from??? I've never seen her before or may be i never noticed. She was not the super good looking types but the one you cannot ignore types (you know what i mean). And there i happen to catch our senior whom we all call him HOD ( i have no idea why we all him that?) and i enquire to him. "HOD, who is this girl?". HOD asks "which one??". I said " The one near the notice board". HOD replies "Oh she is Nisha your batch Civil Engineering". HOD kept pouring moe details about her but all i cared was to get a good look at her before she disappears. And then after some more time there we go back to our routine trip to hostel discussing politics and football.

Next few days of the week i make quite a few trips to the Civil Department. Wow some beautiful girls out there. How could i miss these unexplored and uncharted territories?? No wonder civil guys never cut classes. So basically my time table got fuller. I had to pay visit to my classes in the morning hours to visit ladies of my hood EEE. And then there is Electrical Seniors (some fine ladies including a movie stars daughter). Then there is library where all studious chicks arrive (you know what studious chicks have no idea how damn beautiful they can be if they could look above and smile) and then the big Banyan Tree where all couples roam around .  So now Civil Dept too, Man i am busy!! But then visiting these places alone has its own disadvantage, one doesnt get enough time to hang around unless we have some one inside. The guys i know there were like stuck to these girls like magents. No way they are gonna let me in and let me SHINE an dbask in my glory. Hmmm i needed an accomplice and who else than my dear friends Raghu and Unnikuttan. Unnikuttan was more than willing but in between his afternoon sleeps, dubai stories and his own struggle to find love life he had no time for my silly mouth watching affair. And more over he never trusted me any moment i would use him as a joker and make 100 jokes outta him to be star (In Tamil they say 'oorugaay'). So its pakka and finalized "Raghu is the Man". He was my class mate, always big hearted to bunk classes, has membership in college canteen, likes to admire beauty (like me) and he believes love is a crap and its for losers. It was a match made in heaven, so from next day onwards we made regular morning/afternoon/evening visits to civil verandah. The shoes i were lost more of its sole in those places than any other places in our college.

So one day raghu came up with plan 'B', it is to make friends with one of Nisha's friend circle and thats the way to get introduced to her or may be more. Mouthwatering aint it??? Yeah!! you betcha!! Out of Chitra, Anjana, Shireen and Smisha we had to pick one. And some expert advices from Sajit (apna inside man in Civil) the pick came to Anjana. Beautiful but Big Mouthed (lol) and very very hyperactive girl. Another point being the rest of the girl pack looked at us like we were hannibal lecter. She was the only with some sense of humour to keep up with us. So that moment is where this BUTTERFLY EFFECT started and now after around 7 years. Anjana is married to my accomplice Raghu and she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy "Sidharth" last week. And in case any of you were wondering "what happened to Nisha?", well thats the same question am asking you (rofl...where the hell is she??). And me, well i added her into my big "Crush list-level 3" and moved on with other crushes. The latest one being an Hispanic (mind it)..but i lack an accomplice here though. Oh in case i missed am engaged as well so i am in the process of deleting and forgetting all those crushes mandatorily. This blog might be my last piece of evidence about all those crushes... :)

So cheers and keep rocking.

NOTE: And one day Sidharth reads this blog he will understand the importance of a silly Water Cooler and the phenomenon called Butterfly Effect

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