Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rare Photos are so not Rare anymore....

Those black and white dim coloured hard photographs on our albums and frames at home. All those pictures had a purpose like the annual class group photo, the fancy dress competition day, house warming, tour trip etc. Most of the tourist places we went in childhood we rarely had 10-12 pics of each place and most of them were group photos. That was the whole beauty about them when you look at them we cherish them even more.  These days with the advent of digital cameras we take pictures for every minute and for a very minute reason. Though it has this slight advantage that we have a lot of memories to fall back to and we wont miss anything .But well in that case you just have to switch to a video, wouldn't you? Also watching your digital pics in your cam or laptop or a TV for that matter has its own picturesque advantage nothing beats a hard copy album.

This also makes me think the photographers in us have no discipline as to speak of. As we can easily click away and delete them later on if we dont like them. So basically we just keep clicking until our creative mind aligns with the preferred output. Had their been a limitation of some sort would we still have chosen to click away in a merry? For an India visit last year i had around 500 pics from 3 camera sources, would it be possible say 10 years back. I hope not...thats where rare photos arise to the occassion. I am not against digital photography, in a way i use them as well and use it a lot. But i dont buy those people who claim themselves to be photographers just because they have been to a Goa or a Niagara or a Taj Mahal or some other beautiful place. These days anyone could click a could picture just by putting the 'auto' mode and clicking it. And then we draw a border around it use some tools we get along these DSLR biggies and voila here we are.

Photography is a deeper hobby than we all presume, people work on light boxes, wait on facial expressions, go on an expedition and try different colour combinations and lenses. More than anything else he is never happy with what he has. It is like a burning desire. For me a good photographer is anyone who can make a simple picture as aesthetic it can be. The idea is it never goes out of your mind. I had a desktop wallpaper for a long long time, nothing but a simple tree on a cliff. Standing alone and tall and a small path leading to it. For some reason it was well composed and mixtured with natural lighting and the theme it never goes out of my head. Having said all these sometimes even i think am good at photography. I too have made some plans into venturing into it, but till then i wanna understand this big myth. I have my whole life ahead of me to kick in.

I like digging into any kinda pictures kids, personal, natural, wild life..anything you send me. I try to enjoy it, its something like a craze. But offlate i see a lot of redundancy in sunshines and plateaus that its hitting a saturation level. So people out there use your resources and bring out the Santhosh Sivan inside you..Cheers.

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