Friday, October 29, 2010

Shaadi Kaa Website

When my dad called up and asked me to create a 'wedding website' i couldn't help laughing. But immediately i did know about its advantages and in every sense beneficial for me as i am far away from home. My wedding is on Jan 9, 2011. But all the hard part of inviting,booking halls for reception, priniting invitation cards, informing our relatives/friends blah blah blah all completely taken up by my parents and my sister. So to invite my friends its impossible for me to walk into each and everyone's doorsteps provided they are scattered across the globe. So i decided to work on my wedding website. Looked up at a few readily available ones, where in we just have to manually enter our details and it would come up with a 'wedding invite suite'. But i felt its too cliched and over written. Every one of them had similar look and feel and their wasn't much i could do other than follow instructions. So i continued digging further.

Reshmi and Vinod, for their son Pranav's first birthday had created a cool website of their own. I had earlier checked out about it and found some cool GUI features in Adobe Flash setup. As i found out, it was quite easy to work on them but a tad time consuming with the look and feel. Also it is better to put some efffort on how the page would look across different web-browsers. Now that i have created the website i feel it was all worth the effort as its fully designed and developed by me. I mean no restrictions if i had to choose another client. So Thank You for providing this cool and free website creator. It some time hangs when i work on it, but i feel thats more of a Flash or Browser fallacy. Having said all these, i would love to see the website in places where Internet Speed is not so high and has connectivity limitations. Just because of all those animations and VideoFX that has been loaded in certain pages. So check out the website here it is, I am planning to use this to send it to Our (mine and Deepthi's) friends and a few net savvy relatives. And in case you are wondering which is the background score in the website. It is 'London' by James Newton Howard from the movie 'Blood Diamond'. It is my all time favourite music and it kinda rejuvenates me every time i hear it. So thought of sharing the music in the most unique way ( I hope Mr.Howard doesnt mind as i bought the iTunes of it and then converted it to an mp3).

Sabarish-Deepthi Wedding Planner Website

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