Monday, November 1, 2010

3 years of Blogging

What started off as a childhood hobby has grown along me and is being continued till date. Though the format is different and so is the context offlate but still the saga continues. I like to write, write about anything that comes to my mind and the topics vary across horizons as one could evidently see. I feel free when i write and preferably write all alone and at nights. Still reminisce those days when its pouring heavily outside of my palakkad home, i sit beneath a thick blanket besides the glow and heat of a table lamp. The idea was to sit and study when the whole world is sleeping. But certain times my mind would just wander away from all those textbooks. Certain thoughts rubbish and excellent about anything under the sun which would have caught my eye I would jot a few lines on them. And everytime i took extreme care to purge or hide those papers as i felt i would be the laughing stock if some one reads them by chance. A few times Amma got a glimpse on them and would start elobarating in her unique manner"You were a dreamer since the day you were born". But still i preferred not to show it to anyone, insecurity or the fear of unknown whatever we coin it.

But blogging is a different entity as these days i prefer to share my thoughts openly with others. And also is the convenience of placing it in a blog site like this one. Sometimes i amuse myself of my writings, but majority of times i end up writing crap. Though writing crap is eco-friendly as i dont throw away any piece of paper its just the 'delete' button that is overworked. But i continued it anyway as i felt its more of a self exploration than a self portrayal. For a guy who reads limited number of books writing is a big task as limitations in vocabulary and restriction to preferred thoughts take over. But on a hindside the advantage is being not influenced by some one else's idea. I basically write what i mend in my thoughts. Books make me sleepy maybe its the aroma when we open it that i sleep like a baby if i start to read a book. Where as I prefer reading my daily set of articles, news, short stories and other blogs. It is amazing to know the depth of certain thinkers and writers in our generation. And a big thanks to all those wonderful blogs i have been through, all of it has been a learning experience if nothing else.

Nov 1, 2007 i started this sincere earnestful blog of mine. November 1st is also an auspicious day for us Malayalees, as it is the 'Kerala-Piravi' day; the day my State of Kerala was formed. I waited almost 2 weeks to get the blog published online. A killing thought about my life's biggest crush and how bad i miss her is where it all started. I had put it down earlier in a 'notepad' in my personal laptop and decided i must publish it (obviously without a name) on November 1st. Once published sent a few mails to certain friends of mine and they still constitute the major readers of my blog and big critics as well. Since then it has been an exciting ride which i hope to continue for a very long time.

I get complains from a few quarters that certain blogs of mine have been too frank and blatant for one's liking and always liner in darker emotions that a joyous one. But these very people know thats the soul of me as a person. I express my very emotions and wont protect it behind a smiling hideous face. And i am a person who nourishes the darker sides of my personality as that questions everything around me inturn making me think about it. Having said all this, if at all you have been hurt directly, indirectly and a few times intentionally i seek your forgiveness. Maybe i will try not to publish such blogs in future, but as they say the roar cannot be ignored too long. Well it will be in my 'TODO' list of self improvement (huh?). Also i extend my immense happiness and regards to all those patient comment writers on my log. You guys keep me ON to this sweet venture.
Thanks and Rock ON!!!!

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Vivek said...

hey sabari, appreciate your consistency in adding posts to your blog.. 3 years and counting, its awesome..rock on..

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