Saturday, November 20, 2010

Its been a decade...

Atheist/Godloving/Godfearing amongst us we can question the next persons belief and wisdom. But i always feel these 3 kind nod their head similarly when it comes to destiny. There is no explanation what so ever for this tiny miniscule occurence that keeps us in awe. I am big believer of destiny and how each person is destined to do or achieve something in their life time. And it was this destiny that made me and my friends to step into corridors of NSS Engineering College on November 20,2000. 10 years went like a whisper in thin air and many of us are still spellbound by those 4 years at this insane institution. The next 6 years after that has been exciting but obviously with less fun.

For a starter me and few of my schoolmates had almost decided in our minds to study here as its the same bus route that takes to both places. Placement or a Career was our least priority to be frank. All we heard about this college was the politics, fight, regular strikes, back papers, police cases..Wow!! it looked like a lazy bones paradise. And once in blue moon we hear about some one who made to the IIT/IIM or joined a blue-chip/green-card company. But really we had almost planned a 4 years fool around.

Every person adores and admires their college life and can go gaga over it for ages. But seldom i do see a BIG bunch of friends still maintaining the same relationships and friendships in the longer run like an NSS'ian04 can pull it off (even before facebook). Thanks to the 15+ love marriages in our batch that there is no specific introduction needed to a new Mr./Mrs X amongst us. In last 10 years of my life i have met some great people. Friends at work/non-work/family/party's/matches/pubs/card games/travels etc. Still the pick of the lot have been those wonderful creatures from NSS-04. I keep them very close to my heart and share a very special bond with them. And I can vouch for any of these NSS'ians that is irrespective of their party allegiance ;-)

Nov 20, also is the day i met Vijesh for the first time 10 years ago. A chubby sweet talking guy who wanted to cut classes and go for a Mohanlal movie the very first day. Though he is not with us anymore and so are a few more who were chosen by god too soon. Each such incidents have shocked us but on hindsight has brought us together. Like a few other I cannot fathom to believe still it's been effin 10 years since that life defining day and half of my buddies are thousands of miles away. The silver line being we all somehow with gods grace made it in the final chase and still hanging on tight. As i write this am still reliving those 4 beautiful years of my gifted life. Bolo NSS ki jaiii!!!!

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Sreejit said...

Jai to NSSCians and to all the ppl who made life so memorable for us. The seniors the juniors the batchmates, the profs lab attendants everyone. I personally like to believe that I hav had the most wonderful friends amongs you all.

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