Friday, December 31, 2010

Bubye 2010, Bubye CMH!!!!

Saying a Bubye or a farewell never felt so bad. Maybe it’s the long 4 years in Columbus or about this lovely people around me. I cannot be thankful enough to many of them who in turn are like my own brother and sister for me now. I have enjoyed working here I really have. Though it has been demanding at times and especially at off hours. In general my work life has been fruitful and eventful.To all the wonderful people that work around me I am truly obliged to each of them. Some sarcastically mock me as a load of sentimental bullshit but seriously I guess they are right.
People move on in their lives for better or for worse they gotta make a move sometime. But as a person I take everything in the most passionate way, when there is a farewell period you gotta mourn. eh? Obviously am way happy here to start a new life with love of my life, "Dhee". But also last 4 years of friendship with multitude of personality could be weighed equally. Maybe am not hard cored enough to trample past these beautiful relationships I have here. The lady at the coffee shop ‘Nancy’ told me “you are gonna be an old married man now” though with her eyes glistened. Her hug and hand-shake had shaken me completely and as it was a holiday season my office was empty to witness this (a sad me). People ask a lot of question to pry my motive of going back. Whether is that a career change, life change, visa expiry all sorts. Each time everyone cared what’s gonna happen to this chap with loads and loads of humor in him. That is the beauty of such unexplained relationships.

One can never take out the Indian out of me. For all the fun and laughter we had teasing each other, somewhere inside i was a bit emotional. Am a person who cries in movie theatres so for me to hold on to my reins was a tough job. Each of those friendly hugs mean a lot to me. Sometimes i feel why the heck am i talking like this, as is not like the end of the world. But there is this feeling of end of an era. 4 years of college life was all spent like a jester in the crowd but these 4 years have had mix of everything a jester/ a loving son/ a caring friend/a leading captain/a uncle (naah ETTAN is fine)/an adoring brother/a complete kick ass wierdo the list goes on. I bet if you take my 10 friends from columbus all will have different things to speak about me(apart from my big TEETH), what i'm trying to say is the bandwidth of my persona i have exposed here. maybe due to my age or coming of age to put it that way.

As my grandmother says the more you thank god, the more he provides. It will be too greedy of me to ask more but am Thankful to god for this beautiful 4 years of Columbus. Am gonna return home with more friends, more experience, more love and just less hair :P
Thank you one and all!! See you sometime somewhere...meanwhile plan for a visit to PALAKKAD DOWNTOWN.

Happy New Year 2011 ladies and Gents..dont think much, dont worry its all for the better..unleash the good spirits around you!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All for a moment....

Vidya was amused that morning to see a flurry of emails in her inbox. With a warm cup of coffee she went through them one by one. Ashish her classmate and school jester of those days was cooking up an 'Alumnii meetup on Xmas Eve'. She hoped at least this one sees light in the end unlike prior plans. Though its practically impossible for her to attend being so far far in the US to be in Palakkad for Xmas. Moreover her husband Santhosh is planning a supposedly secret 'Hawaii' trip. Somewhere inside though she wanted to go to the school get together although she didn't want to disappoint herself later on. As always she closed her emails without replying and preferred to be the continued silent reader. Afternoon at work she got a call from Saritha. One of very few friends from school days with whom she is still in contact with. Infact it was at Saritha's marriage she saw Ranjith for the last time.

Ranjith?? He was her childhood crush. As they say first crush is the most remembered one so this one was that special for her. He was this cute brahmin boy with oil all over his head and a big tilak on his forehead. Brilliant at studies and he along with Amit used to be the live wire in her class. Mr.Prankster himself was a cult hero for the ladies in their class. Recently he sent Vidya a message in facebook asking 'Do you remember me?' and a friends request. Talk about Irony huh? Well Saritha's phone is still ringing. Vidya answered and the girl talk and gossips ran deep. Saritha and her husband Nithish were both Vidya's classmate and had decided to go to the get-together. Its their wedding anniversary as well, so how fun it would be to go. She pushes Vidya too to join them along with Santhosh. Vidya now is seduced to this idea of joining them and her immediate task is to brain wash her hubby. That night reluctantly she slipped in her idea to Santhosh and out of where no where he asked "When are we going?".
"What?? So what about Hawaaii?" Vidya asked.
"Hawaii is gonna be still there dearo!"
"Your classmate Ashish had called a while ago and he told me about your 'Alumnii meetup'. And moreover i have heard your school stories a million times from you let me find out the truths myself" Santhosh replied wittingly.
Vidya is virtually on cloud number 9. Wow!! least expected eh? As planned they were all to stay at Nithish's place and drive to the function that morning. Santhosh couldn't help watch these 3 grown ups behave like kids in front of him passing jokes and taunting each other. He preferred to lay back and let them immerse in their school stories and gossips.

Meanwhile Ashish somehow had convinced the lone bachelor in their class Ranjith to make it to the occasion. Life has changed heaps and bounds for him. He used to be in the Indian Army for sometime but after his fathers death he has owned up their small family business in their hometown. Saritha's wedding was the last function he ever made to. Things didnt just fall into place for stuffs after that. Ashish spoke about Amit flying all the way from Germany for the get together. But little did anyone knew Ranjith too came to meet his 'First love' Vidya. He has never told this to anyone and never gonna share as well. Behind those stonewalled army heart somewhere he cherishes his untold love like an ever blossomed rose.

And that day standing on the school corridoors he could see her walking across the gate towards the building. Same place though a less fashionable surrounding 12 years back went to his mind. Killer smile and those dreamy eyes, she has still got it to carry herself like an angel. Her omnipresent giggle with palms trying to cover them for no reason. Some things never change do they? Dodging bullets in kashmir valley was all making sense to him now. Lot of things running in his mind but he stood their like an ice sculpture. Vidya walked across him and glanced at him. She smiled and walked past him along with others. As they enter school, Lighting a cigarette Ranjith made his long walk out of school alone.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Bachelors Party!!!

1 case Heineken Beer
1 case Budweiser Beer
1 grey goose vodka
1 bacardi white rum
1 jack daniels whiskey
1 red label whiskey
2 case pepsi
Pizza's, Chicken Wings
loud Music
Party Co-host : Shabbu & TSB
Location : TSB's room.
Participants : TCS Chennai + Pokri (my beloved Cricket team)
8 pm to 3 am : evidence available on request
That surmises my Bachelors Party :)
Though i have been bachelor for all my life, things are gonna change post Jan 2011. But i would say life after my college since when i started making money for myself virtually looting my own bank account as "Bachelor Life". Of which 4 effin years in Columbus, Ohio. These guys who are very close to my heart turned up major absentees being Sriram, Sundar, Brenesh, Dev, Sreejithettan, Vikki, Puthran etc. I am not a big fan of drinking though would advice anyone to try it out once in their life. Especially you gotta drink your heart out on your Bachelors night. I was flying yesterday night jumping and dancing around for close to 6 hours. Lost my voice in the morning, was sleepwalking almost till today evening. But you know what? it was all worth it when love of my life Dheee understood its a guys honorary thing to do.

Its a treat to my dearest friends who have been in a way suffering my innumerable taunts and philosophies. Playing Cricket/soccer/tennis, Gymming, those Long drives, Trips to Florida/Canada/LA/LV, Camping in West Virginia and many more things us bachelors explored. It was total kick ass and it was sheer pleasure to know these fine gentlemen (lol). Amongst all the hugging and sentimental overload i hopoe i'll be in touch with these people all along.
Adios Columbus!! Adios Bachelorhood!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


America!!! Well its a dream destination of a millions of people around the world. This country has an inbred charisma about it in whatever it does and that keeps everyone hooked up. 4 years back in a cubicle in Chennai, when my project lead Yogesh asked me to travel I had my prejudices about this country. Prejudism on thoughts that media and some fables shovelled into my throat. I was kinda skeptical about making the 26 hour flight to USA. Having said this, but like every other middle class indian the seduction of dollar to rupee conversion is way too big for a little soul like ours.

This December 31st it will be 4 years in this country and almost same amount of time in Columbus, Ohio. I have sincerely liked it. Like my friend Jojy puts it, its a paavam(kind) city. Starting from innumerable friends i have gathered here, indoor soccer, midwest cricket, pubs in polaris, daily long drives to easton office with Jimmy & Jimmy blurting their vocal chords on morning radio@97.9 the list goes on. May be its just the small town feel of Columbus that keeps me rooted here much like my home town palakkad. Everyone has time for you no one is gonna miss a train or a bus. All live life at their own pace. Its fuckin beautiful i say.

But sticking to my early plans about my life, i gotta make a move. And this is the right time. I am gonna be in my motherland and there is nothing like it. I might not return like an American soldier from Iraq all chest puffed up. But am gonna return as a good friend, a good son and soon t be a good husband making my family proud in my tiny-winy way. Bringin my parents here was my best accomplishment of all sort as they could see USA in their own eyes rather than me explaining them over phone. And to my team i worked here both TCS and Chase they have been brilliant. Each and everyone of them making me feel comfortable and happy at every juncture. I am gonna miss a lot of good friends here but i know you guys will be there at an email or phoning distance and try maintaining the touch.

This December 29th i am gonna fly out and will be in India to celebrate a new year and a new beginnig of all sorts. Am all emotional last few weeks, sometimes i do feel sad. But i have no regrets on my decision to go back. My family, My country , My people need me and i am gonna go back HOME!!!

Thanks everyone here....will meet some day some where..
Adios Amigos!!