Monday, December 20, 2010

Bachelors Party!!!

1 case Heineken Beer
1 case Budweiser Beer
1 grey goose vodka
1 bacardi white rum
1 jack daniels whiskey
1 red label whiskey
2 case pepsi
Pizza's, Chicken Wings
loud Music
Party Co-host : Shabbu & TSB
Location : TSB's room.
Participants : TCS Chennai + Pokri (my beloved Cricket team)
8 pm to 3 am : evidence available on request
That surmises my Bachelors Party :)
Though i have been bachelor for all my life, things are gonna change post Jan 2011. But i would say life after my college since when i started making money for myself virtually looting my own bank account as "Bachelor Life". Of which 4 effin years in Columbus, Ohio. These guys who are very close to my heart turned up major absentees being Sriram, Sundar, Brenesh, Dev, Sreejithettan, Vikki, Puthran etc. I am not a big fan of drinking though would advice anyone to try it out once in their life. Especially you gotta drink your heart out on your Bachelors night. I was flying yesterday night jumping and dancing around for close to 6 hours. Lost my voice in the morning, was sleepwalking almost till today evening. But you know what? it was all worth it when love of my life Dheee understood its a guys honorary thing to do.

Its a treat to my dearest friends who have been in a way suffering my innumerable taunts and philosophies. Playing Cricket/soccer/tennis, Gymming, those Long drives, Trips to Florida/Canada/LA/LV, Camping in West Virginia and many more things us bachelors explored. It was total kick ass and it was sheer pleasure to know these fine gentlemen (lol). Amongst all the hugging and sentimental overload i hopoe i'll be in touch with these people all along.
Adios Columbus!! Adios Bachelorhood!!!!

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