Saturday, December 11, 2010


America!!! Well its a dream destination of a millions of people around the world. This country has an inbred charisma about it in whatever it does and that keeps everyone hooked up. 4 years back in a cubicle in Chennai, when my project lead Yogesh asked me to travel I had my prejudices about this country. Prejudism on thoughts that media and some fables shovelled into my throat. I was kinda skeptical about making the 26 hour flight to USA. Having said this, but like every other middle class indian the seduction of dollar to rupee conversion is way too big for a little soul like ours.

This December 31st it will be 4 years in this country and almost same amount of time in Columbus, Ohio. I have sincerely liked it. Like my friend Jojy puts it, its a paavam(kind) city. Starting from innumerable friends i have gathered here, indoor soccer, midwest cricket, pubs in polaris, daily long drives to easton office with Jimmy & Jimmy blurting their vocal chords on morning radio@97.9 the list goes on. May be its just the small town feel of Columbus that keeps me rooted here much like my home town palakkad. Everyone has time for you no one is gonna miss a train or a bus. All live life at their own pace. Its fuckin beautiful i say.

But sticking to my early plans about my life, i gotta make a move. And this is the right time. I am gonna be in my motherland and there is nothing like it. I might not return like an American soldier from Iraq all chest puffed up. But am gonna return as a good friend, a good son and soon t be a good husband making my family proud in my tiny-winy way. Bringin my parents here was my best accomplishment of all sort as they could see USA in their own eyes rather than me explaining them over phone. And to my team i worked here both TCS and Chase they have been brilliant. Each and everyone of them making me feel comfortable and happy at every juncture. I am gonna miss a lot of good friends here but i know you guys will be there at an email or phoning distance and try maintaining the touch.

This December 29th i am gonna fly out and will be in India to celebrate a new year and a new beginnig of all sorts. Am all emotional last few weeks, sometimes i do feel sad. But i have no regrets on my decision to go back. My family, My country , My people need me and i am gonna go back HOME!!!

Thanks everyone here....will meet some day some where..
Adios Amigos!!


Jen Kumar said...

Nice to read your story. Glad you had a nice stay in US. I am curious had you experienced any kind of culture difference in the office space?
Have a nice journey home and happy 2011.

Shabbu said...

Jenny, thanks for the comment. You know what there is a big big difference. There is an uncalled amount of affectative proffesionalism in India. I mean here i speak to my manager in the most casual manner but i respect him just as any other person. In India like in any other field there is this idol worship by a select few. Then there is a difference in effort, people back there are very hard working. Though it might sting a few Americans but you must come and work there to notice it yourself. People literally work their ass off!! And us Indians lack big time in confidence, we might not push our agendas openly. It could be the way each of us are brought up. But America/India has very distinctive work culture how enormous globalisation be. :)

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