Monday, February 28, 2011

Need stories?? We have it :)

They call my country a Land of snake charmers and vodoo magic. Many a adjectives and ideologies about this beautiful country. I have always loved my country for a multitude of reasons and still finding new reasons to stay in love with it. Offlate I have been intrigued by a new facet of my country. Infact its more to do with the people in my country. People here are big time story tellers and more over each one is interested in listening to your side of a tale. Yes!! haven't you noticed?? From the panwaalahs to traffic cop to your milkman to your cable guy everyone has an excuse and a story to wrap around it. A sweet truffle like excuse wrapped carefully inside a decorative story like cover. And mind you, make sure there is an emotional side to it. For this alone people here will love you. Certain stories people share with us or feel free to share for no reason at all. Last month i met an elderly uncle in a train travel. He started telling me about his life as a youngster and how he prefers the current crop of youth to be but the real actuality. He even invited me and my wife Deepthi for a cup of tea some time. And definitely this was no boasting he knew the best way to kill time in a boring train travel is to share his stories. Such true affection and closeness could be experienced in this beautiful country alone. And then there was an instance with our
apartment security who gave me a proud lesson about his young son back in his hometown. I have seen this person twice or thrice in my life.
Our basic interaction a day begins with "had food?" and sometimes a "salaam or namasthe". One day on his excuberant mood he walked upto me to share a lighter moment. But then he went on to speak about his family back home and his take on life as such. Beautiful aint it? People in every walks of life here have such beautiful moments to share. For instance if you talk to my dad for 5 minutes he will let you know he was in Indian Airforce for 27 years, i think he would have done the same thing if he was to be a Newspaper Boy or a Doctor for 27 years. We are a big story telling community. No wonder why our gods have an illustrous story behind them.
Joshua got crucified in 3 days but our 33 thousand gods have 300 different tales to speak of. Now go figure why we like to tell stories :)

Friday, February 18, 2011


New Year and i have not found time to blog. Though i prefer to stay busy, life after marriage has been seriously busy. Jan 9th, 2011 me and Deepthi have decided to live our rest of lives together. According to our rituals I bring my wife to my home and after a day or two take her back to her hometown. Though the whole event has been toned down a few notch. It was just me and Dhee (as i am trying to call her with love) to her home town Kannur. Geographically North to my home town Palakkad in Kerala. The train left from the station at around 4:30 AM and we reached around 9 AM. My Bro-in-Law Arun was there to receive us at the Railway station. Remarkably i noticed the shy wife of mine coming out of her skin and blabbering x and y to her brother. i am sure she was tensed so far at my house now she is more like a relaxed birdie at a formidable place.

Kannur for me is a big question mark? My prior knowledge about this place is the Red Flagged Communist dominant area and a big urban populated town with poor roads. So with these prejudices i browse the place as Arun was driving his car at full speed. Poor roads?? yes absolutely, roads could have been better and traffic well managed. Though its same everywhere across Kerala almost, Kannur falls way back in case of roads. And traffic discipline is worse as there are no Traffic lights anywhere. But the drive is very scenic. Beautiful with trees all around and its much cooler than compared to Palakkad.

Food?? Yummy for a non-veg foodie. I can't just sit and jot down the varieties of food i have gulped down. And all have won me over. There is also an extra leisure and informality in the way people interact here. A more chillaxed way with no strings attached. I guess thats what i liked here the most, people make you feel comfortable from the word go. Although there is lot more to explore but 3 days is all i got to send time here. Awaiting on another round to get into the skin of things..until then and always Palakkad Rocks (line intended to my wifey alone). :)