Tuesday, March 8, 2011

F1 anyone??

Bernie Ecclestone is the grand daddy of F1 Motorsporting. F1 is a car racing championship that spans across the globe at various speed tracks and almost for an entire year. A game which made a shoe-maker (pardon my spelling) from Germany a world renowned driver cum icon. In a few recent years with some active publicity the sport has picked up its speed and a fan base still growing by the minute. Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW most of the major automobile companies play a major role by fielding their almost jet speed 'coveted' cars or should i say car species? There are a few racing companies too who join hands with these automobile honchos to make it much more technically advanced and more competitive. Enuf said agout F1, guess y'all got the idea now.

I have never really understood the logic behind this sport. Around 30+ cars go round and round (each called as a LAP). At the end of some 80 such LAPs there comes an eventual winner. Though the fun being of the 30 odd cars in the beginning hardly a few make it till the end. Some collide with the other one, Some park or crashland themselves in those big tyre stacks. And then some just explode for very strange pseudo-technical reason. Where as some tumble up and do a complete 180 flip in the air (god save the driver). The team managers are glued to their headset and tv set analysing the data to make crucial decisions like 'dont let him overtake', 'driver 2 block the opponent by reducing your speed and let driver 1 win', 'time for a refill', 'change tyres- NOW!!!'. C'mon in the end all the decisions are either crooked or based on common sense. But bohooo the hype and pressure is of such magnitude that the commentators make us believe its a life changing decision.

When the whole world is running around to find new fuel source. And there are countries invading others for this sacred & exhausting natural resource. But BAH!! there are a few automobile junkies who are hell bent on using it all up. If we start discussing on pollution aspect of this sport it might take us to a whole new perspective. Now Mr.Ecclestone needs artificial rain to be introduced, where in drivers will have no idea when its gonna rain. So apart from water pollution we are also talking about exhausting water which might be life saver in many parts of africa.
Sports is necessary to understand the real talent amongst us or for them to stand out in the crowd. Am all appreciative of that. But a sport like F1 doesnt make any sense to me and i find it a complete disrespect to our natural resources.

Having said all this there is one good thing i like in F1, its the way the winners celebrate by pouting champagne at each other.
WOWW now thats a sight!!!!

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