Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why Kerala should vote for BJP in 2011 polls?

Before being a prejudistic prick and taking fascist potshots on BJP our voters need to take a step back and think on the possibilities.
I will start discussing on BJP's potential let me begin with some pointers on the LDF and UDF.

Each of us know the progress our state has made in the 50+ years of keralas formation and the impending power struggles. Anti Incumbency or not both LDF and UDF have screwed us royally. Look around our state and we still are like the stuck up ambassador on road where as TN is on an Audi and Karnataka on a Mercedes.
{FUCK YOU!! if you just thought am happy with ambassador. Because people like you amongst us we never dream of advancing. Others I AM SORRY!! on my behaviour and will assure you it MIGHT happen again}

Rubberised roads???
You must be kidding these roads are bumpy all the way from Kasargode to Trivandrum. The roads in our states are horrible with potholes, gutters etc are making way to canals.
Employment opportunities???
Well i work in Bangalore now, before that I was in Chennai. To tell you the best example the most avid Communist Supporting "Sakhavu'(s)* as we call him have made their base out of Kerala. We are a bunch of people who want to do something for our state. But on behest of what?? to get lesser pay and messing up our families? Nope! for a decent salary and opportunity our state is way behind. There could be a one in a million success story but its a known fact that our state is an investors nightmare. Whether its LDF or UDF both take turns in starting bandh or rallies and immediate shut down of companies basically for no reason at all.
Well there are the best brains in the industry from this state but for higher education we still go to neighbouring states, There is an IIM in kozhikkode i know but its rating is going down the year. There is no research based education to speak of. An IIT in kerala would be the best foot forward but will it happen? State blames on Centre and Centre blames on everyone else. Offlate Centre has started blaming the US (from wikileaks).
You must be wondering how this topic is related to Kerala our state. Though we hear a few bandhs or harthaals or laathi charges. We think we are in a peaceful little world of ours with birds chirping and breeze through our coconut groves. CBI reports have earmarked our state as a possible terrorist cauldron. The recent bomb blast at Naddhapuram 'bomb factory' is a prime example. Our state is a terrorist heaven given the unsolicited freedom with which these law breakers wander under PDP, Muslim League & other parties. And these parties are protected by both the sides fearing the minority votes. Minority?? i dont understand that word. especially in kerala with the way there is a population explosion among muslims and the sheer number they have in Kerala. Well thats a whole new topic so lets not waste time on it. Having said this I dont wanna rub salt on those good samaritian Muslim brothers/sister who still are dear to me. Muslim terrorism along with black money is growing exponentially in Kerala and we need to put a check on to that irrespective of who comes to power. A'int it evident anymore??

Now to take a look at what LDF and UDF present to us this year.

LDF - Anti-Incumbency is a serpent on Achu-Maamans head to add that he has no support from his backstabbing comrades. Its more like his struggle against his party first and then the struggle to woo our state. Pinaraayi, Kodiyeri (his son & co) and a few others countinue to loot us and still able to keep the base communists closer to them. What do they speak of in an election campaign?? EMS Namboodirpad's struggle, Cheguera, little bit of Marxism and loads and loads of bullshit. Its simply EMS's legacy that they thrive on. There is no development promises still to make. There are a few young guns who are mystified under the Red Flag but they too get shell shocked after a few years and follow their predecessors path. The only thing systematic about LDF is how they channelise their energy to
grow their party fund. They move funds from State budget to party fund to start News Channels, Entertainment Channels, Water Theme Park(What the F***?). And all this is known to the whole public. DAMNN these guys are not gonna change until we wake them up from the slumbers of EMS!!!

UDF - 'United' in UDF is a sarcastic daily joke on Kerala voters. Whether in opposition or in power this party or group of parties are never united. They publicly mock each other, jump wagons at will, complain to high command (are you serious??) and silently fear muslim voters (even if kunjalikutty orders Icecream for dessert). Oommen Chandy's leadership skills are questionable as he still lacks the iron clad grip over a situation. The karunakaran fiasco has tired the UDF but their only hope being Anti Incumbency-jee and Soniya-jee and Rahul-jee. The other fact they are trying to sell is that Congress led UPA is at power in centre and this makes working with them easier. BOOOHOO!! that is a sure shot backfire methodology if UDF approaches it as we know the current UPA is more of a dealmaker,moneychurner or should i say Scamster than a government.

Underline : If LDF is anti development UDF sure is pro-development, but the catch being an UDF development means development of their ministers & cadres but not FOR the people or infrastructure.

So Why BJP??

My simple question to you is Why NOT BJP??
(please reply me in comments section)
Have we given them a chance ever??
O.Rajagopal though foolishly clings on to his TVM seat has brought many achievements during his short stint as a Deputy to Railway Minister. The kerala leaders in BJP are still young and will bring some fresh energy to the government. One cannot just ignore this party to be hinduistic or fascistic without understanding the facts. In such a case one should not encourage parties like Muslim League into picture. Why there are 2 different measures in the same deal? I for one am bored of UDF & LDF and their lies over lies to make MY state better or the best. We must give both of them a wakeup call as we now have the possibility of a thrid option.Am not sure of anything whether BJP can bring development or not, whether they will change the face of our state but one thing am dead sure is that they will keep the terrorsitic troubles in check. Who knows kerala might unearth a Narendra Modi* amongst ourselves.

If you have read until here, let me tell you one more point of wisdom.
Sitting in an office chair in a distant city you might wonder 'what do I care? anyway I cant vote from here' Well think about the ones in your family who are gonna make the same crime this year again of bringing either LDF/UDF to power and you walk in to Gods own country one day with nothing changed, nothing at all.

*'Sakhavu' is the pet name of any person who lives on principles & ideologies of Communism
I used (s) here coz there are many...very many infact they can start an LC here in Bengaluru. LOL!!
**Mr.Modi by far is the best chief minister we have in our country right now with the way he has handled State of Gujarat.


Monalisa said...

I agree with you that BJP have and far demonstrated what development is to the country. And yes, it is a crime to vote for UDF or LDF, both are which are useless lots nonetheless. A change is what we need at the moment.

Regarding getting BJP onto power, maybe people have been bewildered regarding the Gujarat tragedy? In fact, i am bewildered too when i think back, but its horrible with the other parties as well. I haven't known much of the (real) policies of BJP, but most times i fear they might unleash terror, as in history. I say this, when i know it equally well that other parties aren't any good either.

[PS: No hard feelings]

Sam Kth said...

Nice work sabarish... But I dont think you can compare (LDF + UDF) vs BJP.. The main problem being LDF and UDF dont hav any similarity except possibly hartal :) I agree with all your opinion but one. I dont think UDF promotes strikes or hartal. Its LDF's way. Also, I dont know why you forgot the fact that, there was a time from around year 2000, when almost 4 years continously, Panoor was a nighmare for kerala. And only when UDF came to power, they put it to an end (Its not a + for UDF, but just a - for LDF). The main activists in panoor (Kannur) were CPM and RSS (one division of BJP). I think everyone knows this fact. So I dont think we can just say BJP is the best. Every political party in kerala, including people has to change (gradually) to make any development to our state.

Shabbu said...

Unleashing terror is always a vested interest motive. Not alone a party or for the fact not even religious. BJP led NDA government did bring some wonderful governance practices mix that with some intellectual Keralites it could be an ecclectic mix.
Yes!! The dynamics of kannur cannot be understood w.r.t to other parts of Kerala for its own reasons. But yes RSS is a wing of BJP but they are more like the estranged brothers now as RSS still vouches on its hinduistic lines where as BJP is now more outward and accepting without any religious bias.

Thanks for your comments both of you!! keep'em coming :)

Monalisa said...

sabarish, i talked about terror because i know of only a very few BJP ppl and from them, what i could learn was that, and as such, all media in kerala don't have much good to talk about BJP. Result, NO man in kerala knows how enviably developed the state of Gujarat is.

Shajean said...

Looks like you are extremely misinformed about the status of our state, albeit kerala may be way behind Tamilnadu or Karnata for the road condition(though it's going through some changes these days) and number of industries and infrastructure, the living standard of the people in kerala are way above the ppl in these states and is comparable with any developed nations. Just for a guide, Kerala has the highest Human Development Index in India, calcualated based on the life expectancy, education and income. Development doesn't mean infrastructure alone. These development were because of the two parties ruled Kerala in turns. If either of them had chances to remain in power for a longer periode the story MAY have been different. As we can see from many states which have been under any party for a long time.

Now coming to Gujrat and BJP, consider the case of Gujrat, though it can boast of many development and infrastructure, the minority community of state cannot live in peace. The CM himself was involved in a conspiracy to kill the ppl of the state.what is the use of that development were ppl cannot live in peace?
The problem with the BJP is, it's a party flourished on religious insecurities of ppl. Remember the time when BJP came in to power in the late 90s, it was only because of the Babri masji d demolition incident and the support it got from some corners of the society. Many of the BJP leaders of the time were rumered to be involved in the masjid demolition activities. It is an examples of BJP's political view. The BJP may have some development capabilities and plans but the insecurity it brings to the society don't justify them coming into power.

Just my thoughts.. :)

Shabbu said...

@shajean there is no misconception..i am totally aware about the living standards but do you think its because of the industrial development in our state. its simply because of the breeding NRI's in our state. Atleast 1/3rd of our graduates have to go to dubai because of lack of a decent earning opportunity. Coming to Narendra Modi i can simply prove its a rubbish statement as anything is yet to be proved their. But MAYBE even if he is involved i can overlook it by his re-election and the current peace & development he has brought about now. If BJP brings a religious insecurity so does Muslim League & PDP so does the naxalite wing of Left front (though its not in Kerala). We are also evident of the goondaism & vandalism that LDF proponents. So in politics we all know no one is a saint. But in a state like Kerala where we have not tasted a different dimension of governance why not admit our mistakes in past and give a third front a chance??

Shabbu said...

If you can point a finger at Ayodhya for BJP, the communist party has aided the Nandigram atrocity to happen right under their government and by their people. And the congress well the Punjab riots is an evident example of their peace handling. We keralites believe what our leaders say whom we brand as 'budhijeevis'. But evidently they are hiding the facts from us. We do not need to dig harder everyone of us know the backgrounds of kodiyeri & pinarayi who incidentally has the power reins with them.

And yes am VERY HAPPY that you took time in letting your views in a very elaborate way. I am not a headstrong BJP supporter am just a voter who has lost hope on the existing two major parties thats all. Any inputs are welcome.

Shabbu said...

@monalisa right on!!! thanks for the comment

Monalisa said...

shajean, that exactly is my concern about BJP. Apart from Gujarat, what happened in Assam. It is their political view as i see it too. I remember one of those BJP comments, Hindustan is of Hindus, considering the history, well known culture and majority population. I have absolutely no hard feelings on Hindus, in fact many of my friends and neighbors are hindus, it is simply RSS i'm talking about.

But this view of mine is only from what i understand of a few BJP guys i know. It'll be unjust of me to conclude all of BJP is like that. (though Gujarat and Assam pose a different picture. But could Kerala too? I can't say)

Shajean said...

@Shabbbu, I didn't say Kerala is an industrially developed state but I was correcting your claim that Kerala is an underdeveloped state and the parties in Kerala are completely worthless. Having a considerable NRI population doesn't mean the state will achieve this kind of living standard automatically. It is because of the policies carried out by the parties ruled our state. Kerala has never been an Industrial state and political apathy is just one of the reasons for it. There are many other reasons like lack of, infrastructure, low cost land, and low cost labor and so on. Few of the industries which can prosper in Kerala are IT and tourism and there have been many initiatives in these areas recently. So identifying our strong areas and developing them may be more important than screaming out for a mass industrialization.

In case of Gujarat it has ever been an industrial state and had a good economic status, there were many industries even before the days of Independence. And what Modi has done is develop some infrastructure and the existing industries developed further. With that said, I agree that he has strong ideas and visions to take the state to development on the industrial front. He had introduced policies to make the state an industrial friendly one. But the problem is with his outlook on the minority issues, or stands towards certain communities in the state. Though, there is no strong evidence about his involvement in the Gujarat massacres, his attitude towards the issue contributed highly in to such a disgraceful communal riot in the independent India. Being the chief Minister he was responsible to check the violence and protect all sections of the citizen. I'm really sorry to hear a statement like "even if he is involved i can overlook it by his re-election and the current peace & development he has brought about now." from you. Are you saying that, massacre of more than 2000 individuals can be justified with some industrial developments brought out in the state?

I'm totally against any party which is working against the secular nature and peaceful existence of the society in our nation. And as far as I could understand Muslim League is not religious party as BJP is. It never had propagated idea of violence against other communities, it just uses the name "Muslim" to get vote from a fraction of people which still believes the party is working for their uplift. Whereas they just have political agenda of coming into power and make maximum use of it. But there are certain muslim extremist groups like NDF, popular front which are equally or more dangerous than BJP, siva sena and similar allies. We should take all possible steps to curb these groups at budding stage itself. But unfortunately they have grown their roots deep into many pockets which we cannot even think off. They should be stopped at any cost even if it can take India to be the most developed nation.

Even though I don’t justify the actions at Nandigram, don't weigh the incidents at Nandigram and Ayodhya on the same balance. The incident at Nandigram was a mismanagement or mistake of handling the situation by the Communist govt. of W.B. and the opportunist actions by Mayavati added fuel to flame. Whereas what happened in Ayodhya was a total communal atrocity. The aftermath or the fear of such violence still grips the whole India. The communal riots if started won't be easy to put off and can lead to unimaginable magnitude of inhumanity where most beloved people will take arms against each other. Did any of the communal riots till date was justified or did any of it have a good result?

Shajean said...

@Monalisa, thanks for sharing your views.
Ys, there may be only few in BJP with these extremist ideas but the saying "a rotten apple spoils the barrel" is very valid here.

Shabbu said...

by the statement of 'overlook' i simply meant to move on. Not to forgive the 2000 ppls murder. But as always we cannot measure what happened in North India would happen the same way in Kerala. Also Muslim league standing just for upliftment of Islam and the its believers its a complete farce. The black money flow, the impending weapons armoury of Muslim league is an open secret. And moreover of you say development the basic sanitation level at Malappuram and all the 4 districts in North Kerala is the worst, if you are interested in statistics. (source Survey done by a pvt malayalam News Channel). But yes PDP, NDF etc have made deep rooted effect in our state and has caused a big dent in our harmony. Yes as your views are against a party which is against peace, I am totally against those parties which are against growth and development and more specifically the left front who has nothing to give to common man apart from a few handpicked leaders. You speak as if all the communal riots have been instigate by BJP even before the parties formation there have been instances of riots. So how do you defend them??? What about naxalite wings of communism in north of india, even they could spread to kerala?? You cannot pinpoint one figure of fascism against BJP and hide the looters, robbers of a politicians behind the scenes. The ideas that UDF,LDF propoagates is not enough, but our public have been blindly encouraging them. Where are if public brings about a third front like BJP in kerala the dynamics will be good for the development of our state is all I am saying.

Shajean said...

Not all riots been initiated by the BJP but that party has a pro-religious or fascist stand which is more dangerous than the corruption and non industrializations. I'm open to a worthy 3rd option, not like the BJP.
Apart from the media reports, did you cared to look into what the LDF govt. had done in last 5 years?

Shabbu said...

If you are speaking so much ill about BJP and sticking to its gun why aren't you openly discussing the Kairali Entertainment Channels, The water theme parks owned and adminsitered by government. How can a peoples party own such huge investments??? Coming to development in the state there are 2 faces in last 5 years..a few which have been through the centre funding and a few through state funding. Am not saying VS led ldf were sitting simply for 5 years but when our neighbouring states are growing at a faster rate we are still held back because we are still not open to industrialization. If you say am unaware of the developments, then please be my guest..educate us. I have been strongly following in media (both news and tv) but inside information from you might be fruitful.
Also coming to worthy 3rd option?? Dude if a party like BJP with national presence is not enough then i am apprehensive there aren't much options apart from a few worthy independents. Its a catch 22 you wont give them a chance but moreover you say you dont have an option. Thats a total farce, if as per you BJP's past is tainted all I am saying is so is LDF and UDF. Having said all this a statement of such magnitude "pro-religious or fascist stand which is more dangerous than the corruption and non industrializations" reveals it all. Its the same old cliched statement us malayalees make for everything and especially when it comes to supporting our so called leaders like Karunakaran & Pinarayi. Karunakaran though was a better administrator. Apart from you there are million other malayalees like me who want a industrial saga to begin, bettter roads to appear, more influx of income so that on a personal note many of us can BE in gods own country. BJP or not there is no point in voting a punctured LDF and a lame UDF. And I am not asking anyone to be headstrong about it. Its worth a try its all am saying. The ward elections were clean swept by BJP in Palakkad but the so called Media frenzy is what keeping BJP at bay in State elections. One seat and then it will be the beginning of a new Kerala I assure you. (in a good way)

Shajean said...

I never hesitated to discuss ab't Kairali or the Water theme park. Kairali channel is not a party channel, it was started by creating shares and selling it among the peoples. If you want, you can also buy shares of Kairali channel. And I don't see anything wrong in it. Yes, a majority of the current stakeholders may be Left supporters but it's not a party channel.

Did I ever say, I am against industrialization? I too want the state to have more Industries and good roads. But I don't want that with a BJP govt. I'm against only one principle of BJP but that by itself is strong enough reason for me to not vote for BJP. How can you make an "ASSURANCE" that BJP can take Kerala to be an industial state? It's just your expectation. It can go the other way as well. That's my view, if a majority of voters wanted BJP to come in power, they would have been elected already. You can put forward your ideas, if ppl agree to it, they will vote for it or else they will vote for what they feel the best.

Regarding the present LDF government and industrializations, just as an indicator, it has turned 32 PSUs on the verge of close down to profitable organizations. It has started 8 new PSUs when the central govt. is on a PSU sell out spree. KTDC, for the first time in it's history is making a profit over 60 crores. If you are really interested to know more about the achievements by V.S lead LDF goverment, go through this link.
I Agree few of them are exaggerated but many of them were achieved and a few of them are still in developing stages.

Ben K Judson said...

BJP Extremely lack diversity.
BJP is no saint when it comes internal party politics.
BJP is on par with LDF in conducting bandhs and hartals.
Power Corrupts anyone. BJP is no saint there as well. Wherever they are in power they are on par with Congress in terms of corruption.

Ben K Judson said...

What I meant was we have no freaking choice.. Democracy gives us an illusion of having choices. Like any other democracy India is also ruled by Corporates and special interests. If you look at Kerala alone it is again the Liqour barrons. Each party spend atleast Rs 50 on each voter. Do u think this money comes from Bucket collections???.. Isn't BJP spending as much as UDF or LDF?.

Benoy R Nair said...

I second Sabarish. Voting for BJP will help us even if they do not win any seat at all in the coming elections! Any significant increase in votes for BJP should be (hopefully) a painful & real eye opener for the Left & Right. Increasing popularity/ acceptance of BJP by Kerala & the fear of losing seats to BJP (in a not-so-distant future) should hopefully signal the LDF & UDF that they ought to stop playing politics and start getting things done... At least they should not be taking us - the public - for a ride forever! The last couple of elections, though I had wanted to vote for BJP, for many reasons (which I now realize as stupid ones) I had voted for other party candidates... But not this time; am fed up!

Monalisa said...

Inspired by this discussion+ some other factors, i'v put up a post on my blog. If you'd like to view its here

Shabbu said...

@Ben If BJP is pro-religious tell me one secular party which takes an open judgement of people irrespective of cast, creed or colour. Congress brought the OBC reservation. Isn't it a bigger crime than religious measures?? Also these days the convention for muralidharans UDF meet was conducted in a church ground. And Sindhu Joy was heading the meeting to speak about role of religion. We all know religion and politics is the best 2 source of dividing opinions and gathering support. Ok so if we take the Left parties as secular ones why is that in 5 years not a single step being taken to find the terror networks in Kannur/Malappuram/Kozhikkode clearly backed by the Muslim proponents. When VS Achuthanandan was the opposition minister he claimed lot of corruption/scams against the ruling party. but in his 5 years nothing obvious came out. Moreover now his son too is involved in profit making spree.

About Kairali Channel, @Shajean whom are you trying to fool. The channel is owned by the LDF party bigwigs who have a major stake in the channel and the water theme park. If the so called 2 lakh shareholders are common people why is the board only comprising of prominent left leaders/supporters. And important thing to note is more than 60% of its investors are NRI's , so when it comes to their personal party property the whole idea of globalisation and bourgeois investment decisions are very hard to explain. As an added information " P.V. Abdul Wahab of the Dubai-based Peevees Group" was the first director and the major investor. The famous 'Manichan' or liquor baron too was a director of kairali tv and an open CPI(M) supporter. That my friend is a big dent in the integrity of the channel. Still me or you can buy a share but its of no use unless we are frickin rich to buy more than 50% of it. Or else it will be still run by CPI(M) fakers. Can you find one document which divulges the major stake holders in KairaliTV??

In Plachimada the LDF was more than willing to close down the CocoCola plant but as a responsible government have they found any other industry to spurt in the region?? Why does a Coimbatore places just 50 km away from Palakkad get all the industries even though they have acute water shortage.

Me said...

Admire your free spirited thought but Sab the whole purpose is defeated in Kerala. There are members in my family and friend circle who basically would vote for Communist Party more because its a traditional thought. My uncle aligns himself to be a "Arivaaal Chuttika" believer for the social equality it has brought into the society. Though he acknowledges the current crop of Left Leaders are maligned to the bottom and have no room for peer to peer development. There are certain few who vote Congress for the Secularistic and as well as the pillar stone party thoughts. Me and a few youths detest both these party's for many many reason. As the third option is limited to BJP I would vote for them just keeping the pro-development steps BJP took while the NDA government was in power in center. I admire BJP also for its stronghold in Hindu equality (intra Hindu bias) unlike Congress who still plays minority card across the country. After this election Left will nosedive in WestBengal and only a few seats will left in Kerala. The end is very near for the Left Parties.

Shabbu said...

Thanks @benoy @monalisa @me
Though me and mocha (@shajean) are bringing out a lot of realities and points to the table. Hopefully a bigger majority reads this and understand the harsh realities before blindly voting or not voting. Forward this to your blogger dosths and other kerala-politics interested folks. Eyes have to open wither today or tomorrow is my sincere hope.

JK said...

I agree with you mostly..
But when BJP want a strong base in Kerala, they need to work on radically.. They should make waves, merely making the same footsteps of other political parties wont give results
To begin with this simple strategy, BJP with the help of sangh should go to masses, each home of their constituency and build a proactive organisation, actively engaging in issues, personally ( remember, how catholic religion have grown in kerala, or any other religion in the world, like that).
RSS sevaks should be educated at least in RTI and rights of citizens, & they also should have a philanthropic attitude..and they should regularly (monthly basis)address the grievance of people of their constituency.
If BJP is hoping that, if Hindus tend to vote for BJP, they will rule Kerala. its a daydream.. because of the simple reason that, Hindus in kerala are divided in community based politics unlike christians and muslims ( kerala congress in central kerala & muslim leauge in northern kerala are eg.).... to be continued....

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Santhosh said...

Why not BJP ? Simple answer -

We LOVE b e e f

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