Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We are living in Amrikaaaa

Rammstein quoted it right "We are living in Amerikaa" we truly are. After returning from US i feel we are getting more americanized here (and the real America to something else) and I am not here to judge if its for the good or for bad. McD, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway all have found their way till here in Bengaluru. Young boys dressed like they dress up in 'da hood' with inverted baseball caps and sick Tees. And girls with undies bared and sitting behind those vrooming motor bikes. The malls give us a feel as if the whole indian feel is YUCK and not ready for sale. All we get in shops are the 'YO!' factor with skyrocketed movie tickets and damn costly dresses and accessories. Well yesteryear bangalore was always punked up so no qualms about this renovation. Is that all it?? Well not at all people have started to live their life in full zest. 30 years back my parents and their peer would be crunching their calculators to save their earnings to a better life and an even better future for the next generation. But many in our lives are living it up to the max. Occasional drinking has taken over by boozing with Bacardi's, Jack daniel's and Glenfiddich's gracing the occasion. Smiling Madhuri's and Sreedevi's have been replaced with skinny and size zeroed women like things.

And the biggest americanization was to be in the housing industry. Earlier a home for an Indian family was their biggest dreams with all the saving accrued up they own a home of their dreams and live happily ever after (hmmm kinda). Well we indian are at present buying these houses (not homes) out of our pockets and out of our reach. The policy is simple take a big loan to buy that matchbox house where we suffocate all our happiness to struggle all our life to pay the loan. The only winner here is the big fatso builder zooming in those imported cars. And YES the bank too which lent you the money initially. We are living i feel in a big bubble which could explode any minute. Am no Statistician or a Stock analyst but i guess the bubble i mean here is the inconsistent growth accrued say in last 10 years or so. Everyone in my friend circle has a housing loan, a car loan , 2-3 credit cards and most of us are still haven't reached our 30's. An average american owns up a house around mid 40's given the fact they prefer to marry late. We the billion populated country marry early, reproduce early and hence gotta own a house early. Shouldn't we??

Am crestfallen the way my country is being gobled up by this giant thought called Amerikanism. They say Americans invaded iraq, fought war against germans, broke russia, interferred in vietnam but i would say they have successfully annexed India. It might be good for the people with all the glamour it brings but.........
..........well am confused its for you to decide..stay with your core or stay afloat in these bubbles.


Nisha Abraham said...

I agree with you.
Last time I visited B'lore, I felt the same. I am in the Midwest and felt as if I was from a 'kugrammam' in Palakkad (I don't know if they exist anymore..dung-washed fllors with white marks on the steps and the smell of sun's heat on the floor..)
Not sure if it is all for good..

Monalisa said...

Someone rightly said, west is trying to imitate us for their instinct for spiritualism, and we are blindly aping the west. I would say all who do this are simply unmindful. Just think about it, our culture is so rich; and enviably spiritual, but we simply won't see it. When will our people realize the western culture is all empty and bogus, even westerners themselves (a lot of them) are not very happy with it.

Ann said...

So true!!

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