Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lokpal Bill and a nexus to demolish it :: A picture of Indian Democracy

A beaming television in our office cafeteria is filled with Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev. The so called peaceful gandhian way of agitation is broken up the government using brutal police force. TV Channels are making a merry out of it and are feeding news about Anna's life, Baba's beard and Yogasanas and the thousands gathered in the meeting. But rarely an explanation about what Lokpal Bill is all about. And why no one wants to give a clearer explanation of what Government's take on it is all about.

Kapil Sibbal the minister in charge here himself is a noted Supreme Court lawyer so why is it that Government is numb to react when a change is asked for? Public like me is dumb and astounded the way scams are being exposed as a daily routine. And if we have to believe the media a substantial amount (equalling our GDP) are stashed in Swiss accounts. One of the points under discussion is to bring that money to our country and invest it in our country' development. There is no question of hard earned money, because no fool will invest his hard earned money in a Swiss locker with no ROI. Its more like a lucid source and earning they are scared of.

Another roadblock to the Lokpal Bill is the members who need to be included in LokPal committee. Should the PM be in or should the Bhushan family be in?? Lot of debates and dialogues but not a single pawn has moved in this game of chess. I detest this democracy and judicial system which takes a lightyear to pass such a bill against the 'Rich and the Powerful' but act in nano seconds when it is to acquire poor man's land for fancier airports, wider roads and for toher x,y and z plans. Black money in Swiss Bank is not in their priority compared to the Black labouring citizen houseless and nomadic on road.

There are sections calling the movement by Anna Hazare and Co 'undemocratic'. But they are mum about disclosing black money of Sharad Pawar, Amar Singh, Karunanidhi families. A revolution is on the brink and I will be more than ready if i could be a part of it in any means. The motive of Anna Hazare and his men is novel, right and justified. We as citizens just have to follow his lead because success or failure it will take us somewhere above where we are now, that is for sure.

Bolo Anna Hazare ki Jaii...Vande Mataram!!!!